Scream:The Series is a American teenage thriller show it is written by Kevin Williamson and Directed by Wes Craven. The show is a prequel to Scream 4, The show will begin with Jill Roberts and the gang being freshmen in highschool, Jill will not be the only villain, Sam Kendricks who is a Mob Boss will be the other main villain of the show .The show will not just be about serialkillings there will be other story lines.In Season 1 Charlie is a good guy. Fifi and Trixie will not be showing any murderous tendencies this season.


Emma Roberts as Jill Roberts-She is 14 years old and leader of the clique, she is pretty,a honor roll student and very popular she is dating Mike Davis.She is also a killer

Hayden Pantierre as Kirby Reed: She has been Jill's best friend since Kindengarden, she has no idea about Jill's dark side, she is dating Kevin Jenkins.

Rory Culkin as Charlie Walker- He is a big horror movie fan, he is Robbie Mercer's best friend and is dating Melissa Simmons.

Erik Knudsen as Robbie Mercer-He is Charlie Walker and Olivia Morris's best friend and a huge horror fan too, He is also struggling with the fact that he is gay the only person who knows this is Olivia who is a lesbian they make a deal to pretend to date eachother to protect their secrets.

Miraelle Jaffe as Olivia Morris-She is friends with Jill and Kirby she is also on the basketball team she is rumored a lesbian but she has made a deal with Robbie Mercer to protect her secret.

Amiee Teegarden as Jenny Randall-She is Jill ex friend they had a major fight and she thinks Jill is a hypocrite. She is dating Trevor Sheldon.He is also a big horror movie fan.

Emma Bell as Fifi Mone-She is a shy girl with glasses and always treats her friends forever. She is dating David Samuels.

Nico Torotella As Trevor Sheldon- He is new to the school he is the bad boy with a heart of gold, he is dating Jenny Randall, he is also Sam Kendricks son but wants nothing to do with him.

Britt Robertson As Marnie Cooper-She is Jenny's new best friend and hates horror movies which annoys Jenny sometimes.

Scott Caan as Det Randy Floyd-He obsesssed with putting Sam Kendricks away.

Ashley Roberts as Sally Mone-Fifi's sister who is in the cheerleading squad with Trixie Sango and Candace Knight.

Amanda Righetti as Trixie Sango-A cheerleader who is very mean to Jill and the gang.

Michael Nader as Sam Kendricks-He is a powerful Mob Boss his children want him to quit the business..

Special Guest Stars

Neve Campbell as Sidney Prescott-Jill's famous cousin

Mary McDonnell as Kate Roberts-She is proud of her daughter Jill, she also has no idea about Jill's dark side.

Georgie Henley as Hayley McDonald

David Arquette as Dewey Riley.-He is now the sheriff since Sheriff Buke retired

Chandler Massey as Mike Jones-He is Jill's boyfriend

Brittany Underwood as Melissa Simmons-She is dating Charlie and is very jealous of his friendships with Jill and Kirby

Angus T Jones as Kevin Jenkins-He is Kirby's boyfriend, he has a drug problem Kirby is trying to help him beat it.

Episode 1

The kids are introduced. We find out that someone in the school is running a major drug operation, Det Randy Floyd arrives in Woodsboro and he has a run in with the local mobster Sam Kendricks.Jill Roberts and her boyfriend Mike Jones are on a date when they encounter Trixie Sango,Jiil and her fight and they are kicked out of the mall for the evening. Trevor Sheldon gets a mysterious text on his cell phone while he is at Jenny Randall's house .Robbie is freaked when he realizes he like his best friend Charlie more then as a friend, he goes over to Olivia's house and sees her with a girl! Sheriff Dewey Riley tells Sam Kendricks that he will bring him down one day after Kendricks once again avoids going to jail.Kirby finds her boyfriend Kevin Jenkins with drugs. A woman is killed when she is out for a walk after dinner.

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