Scream 18 takes place after scream 17. Dewey and Sidney are getting married to each other but a new Ghostface killer with a mysterious connection to Jill Roberts is killing the wedding guests.


Neve Campbell as Sidney Prescott

Julia Roberts as Emma Robinson

David Arquette as Sheriff Dewey Riley

Matthew Lillard as Det Sam Macher

Brooke Theiss as Debbie Macher

Matthew Knight as Ethan Carsia

Ellen Wroe as Brianna Albertson

Scott Caan as Peter Long

Cole Hauser as Rodney Everette

Shauna McDonald as Julie McGuire

Chris Klein as Bobby Lombardi

Julia Stiles as Ellen Wright

Eric Cristian Olson as Vince Dolan

Michelle Trachtenberg as Naomi Lively


Sidney Prescott

Sheriff Dewey Riley

Det Sam Macher

Debbie Macher

Ethan Carsia

Julie McGuire


Bobby Lombardi-He was a serial killer Jill had commuinated on the computer with before she started her killing spree with Charlie Walker.

Brianna Albertson-At the same time Jill was on her killing spree, Brianna was killing athletes and cheerleaders.


Vince Dolan-He is attacked while on his hotel balcony and then pushed over the railing.(Bobby)

Ellen Wright-She is a cheerleader coach she is attacked in her office,she has her head slammed on the desk then she has a knife thrust through the back of her head.(Brianna)

Peter Long-He is a friend of Dewey he has his head bashed in with a lead pipe then the killer stabs his eyes with his knife.(Bobby)

Naomi Lively-She is a former basketball player she is stabbed on both arms and then she is stabbed in her heart (Brianna)

Rodney Everette-He is Dewey's best friend and also his best man, he is attacked at the church after the wedding rehersal, he is gutted and left on the church floor(Bobby)

Emma Robinson-She is Sidney and Jill's aunt she has her throat slit by an unmasked Brianna in front of a shocked Sidney.

Bobby Lombardi-He is shot by Sam and Debbie Macher when he tries to attack Dewey.

Brianna Albertson-She is killed by Sidney who stabs her with a broken piece of glass from a wine bottle deeply in her heart after she charged at Sidney.


Sidney and Dewey decide not to get married because he is not completely over Gale. Ethan is upset that Brianna was Ghostface and is now dead. She was his only friend at high school and he'll miss her.

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