Scream 2 is a remake of the 1997 American comedy-horror-slasher film starring Kristen Stewart, Kerr Smith, Jaime King, Bobby Campo, Arlen Escarpeta, KeKe Palmer, Matt Lanter, Lauren London, Steven R. McQueen, Claire Holt, Carrie Anne Moss, Aelxa Vega, Paul Wesley, Logan Browning and Brandon T. Jackson


Sidney Prescott and her friends hear about two college teens were murdered, now they are targeted by a new Ghostface. Sidney and her friends must stop Ghostface before he kills them all will they survive?


Kristen Stewart as Sidney Prescott

Kerr Smith as Dewey Riley

Jaime King as Gale Weathers

Claire Holt as Cici Cooper

Bobby Campo as Randy Meeks

Arlen Escarpeta as Joel Jones

KeKe Palmer as Jenna Welles

Matt Lanter as Derek Feldman

Lauren London as Hallie McDaniel

Steven R. McQueen as Mickey Altieri

Carrie Anne Moss as Mrs. Loomis

Alexa Vega as Chris Townson

Paul Wesley as Cotton Weary

Logan Browning as Maureen Evans

Brandon T. Jackson as Phil Stevens


Phil Stevens- Stabbed in the ear (Mrs. Loomis)

Maureen Evans- Mortally stabbed (Mrs. Loomis)

Cici Cooper- Thrown through a glass door onto a balcony and stabbed twice in her back, thrown off the balcony to her death (Mrs. Loomis)

Randy Meeks- Stabbed to death (Mrs. Loomis)

Hallie Parker- Stabbed to death (Mickey Alteiri)

Chris Townson- Stabbed several times

Derek Jones- Shot in through his heart (Mickey Alteiri)

Debbie Salt/Mrs.Carol Loomis- Shot through her throat (Cotton Weary)

Mickey Alteiri- Shot to death (Sidney Prescott and Gale Weathers)


Sidney Prescott

Dewey Riley

Gale Weathers

Cotton Weary

Joel Jones

Jenna Welles

Main Cast GalleryEdit

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