Scream 29 : Macher's revenge takes place after the events of Lauren Malloy's revenge. Even though it's been 1 year since Sam's death but Debbie Macher still hasn't gotten over it and she blames Sidney,Can Sidney's new boyfriend Kirk Mason save her from the crazed Debbie?


Neve Campbell as Sidney Prescott

Christian Bale as Kirk Mason

Hayden Panetierre as Kirby Reed

Amber Heard as Jessica Mitchell

Molly Burnette as Caroline Mitchell

Michael Madsen as Det Dennis Mitchell

Brooke Theiss as Debbie Macher

Lisa Wilcox as Det. Natalie Carmen

Tika Sumpter as Hayley Jones

Casper Van Dien as Bobby Wilkins

Eliza Dzuku as Buffy Lefaine

Austin Williams as Eddie Mitchell/Caroline's little brother

Topher Grace as Kevin Barnett

Alison Eastwood as Tiffany Hill

Renee Elise Goldsberry as Hillary Jones

Glen Howerton as Rex Benton

Renee and Tika also played sisters on OLTL.


Sidney Prescott

Kirk Mason

Kirby Reed

Jessica Mitchell

Caroline Mitchell

Natalie Carmen

Dennis Mitchell

Eddie Mitchell


Debbie Macher -She wants revenge


Tiffany Hill- Debbie stabs her in the heart.

Bobby Wilkins- Debbie kills him when she jumps out of the closet and butchers him in his bed room.

Hayley Jones- She is stabbed in the back 2 times by Debbie as she is getting something from the fridge to eat

Hillary Jones- She hears the noise in the kitchen and comes to check on her sister,Debbie rams her head into the fridge 5 times then she stabs her in the forehead.

Kevin Barnett-He is attacked by Debbie as he is fixing a flat tire she bashes his head into a backdoor window and he dies when a piece of glass cuts his throat.

Buffy Lefaine-She runs away when she sees her boyfriend Kevin get attacked by Debbie catches her and stabs her deeply in her chest.

Debbie Macher-She is killed by Kirk Mason after she explains to Sidney why she blames her for Sam's death he shoots her when he sees that she pulls out a knife and is going to stab Sidney.


Sidney visits Sam and Debbie's kids at their Aunt's house to see how they are doing she knows it's going to be tough for them to grow up without their parents and she feels sorry that when they get older they are going to be taunted about their mom being the crazy cop who killed 6 people.

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