Scream 3 is a remake of the 2000 American comedy-horror-slasher film starring Kristen Stewart, Jason Lee, Gina Holden, Scott Porter, James Marsden, Gina Philips, Margo Harshman, Jason Statham, Katrina Bowden, Rooney Mara, James Franco, Robert De Niro, Taye Diggs, Paul Wesley, Chelan Simmons and Carrie Fisher


Sidney Prescott hears about Cotton Weary and his girlfriend Christine's murder now she thinks that there is a new Ghostface on the loose and is now targeting her, Dewey, Gale and the Stab 3 cast. Can they stop Ghostface and his little games?


Kristen Stewart as Sidney Prescott

Jason Lee as Dewey Riley

Gina Holden as Gale Weathers

Scott Porter as Roman Bridger

James Marsden as Detective Mark Kincaid

Gina Philips as Jennifer Jolie

Margo Harshman as Angelina Tyler

Jason Statham as Steven Stone

Katrina Bowden as Sarah Darling

Rooney Mara as Martha Meeks

James Franco as Tom Prinze

Robert De Niro as John Milton

Taye Diggs as Tyson Fox

Paul Wesley as Cotton Weary

Chelan Simmons as Christine Hamilton

Carrie Fisher as Maureen Prescott


Christine Hamilton- Stabbed in chest

Cotton Weary- Gutted

Sarah Darling- Gutted

Steven Stone- Stabbed to death

Tom Prinze- Died when Jennifer's house blowed up

Tyson Fox- Stabbed to death and thrown over a balcony to his death

Angelina Tyler- Stabbed to death

Jennifer Jolie- Stabbed several times

John Milton- Throat slit

Roman Bridger- Shot in his head by Dewey


Sidney Prescott

Dewey Riley

Gale Weathers

Detective Mark Kincaid

Martha Meeks

Main Cast Gallery

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