Scream 34 takes place after events of The Curse of Lauren Malloy. Lauren is finally dead after being stabbed in the heart by Hayley. Now Sidney can focus on Jill's trial but there are 2 surprises Jill claims to be innocent of the first murders and Mickey Alteri has returned from the dead.


  • Keanu Reeves as Thomas Connor
  • Georgie Henley as Hayley McDonald
  • Emma Roberts as Jill Roberts
  • Neve Campbell as Sidney Prescott
  • Timonthy Olyphant as Mickey Alteri
  • Meg Ryan as Judge Kelly Fitzpatrick
  • Mira Sorvino as Jolene Reynolds/The DA
  • Emma Bell as Cami Watson
  • Hayden Panettiere as Kirby Reed
  • Michael Madsen as Dennis Mitchell
  • Amber Heard as Jessica Mitchell
  • Logan Browning as Kimberly Jansen
  • Lisa Wilcox as Det. Natalie Carmen
  • Charlie McDermott As Rusty Hendricks
  • Dane Cook as Robert Franklin/Jill's lawyer
  • Ryan Cooley as Drake Nevins
  • Jamie Pressley as Felicia Tompkins
  • Ed "O" Neil as Mayor Joe Milton/John Milton's brother
  • Rebecca Gayheart as Lois
  • Regina King as Nikki Wells


Thomas Connor

Hayley McDonald

Sidney Prescott

Cami Watson

Dennis Mitchell

Kirby Reed

Jessica Mitchell

Kimberly Jansen

Det. Natalie Carmen

Jill Roberts


Jill Roberts-She makes a shocking claim at her trial.

Lois- She was Mickey's secret girlfriend when they were at Windsor College ,she also hates Sidney because Lois thought Sidney disrepected her,Murphy and their soroity.

Mickey Alteri-He had a bulletproof vest on when he was shot by Gale and Sidney at Windsor College.


Nikki Wells-She is attacked in her house she tries to run up the steps, she is stabbed in the back then she is then thrown down the steps. (Lois and Mickey)

Felicia Tompkins-She is at a costume party and she is stabbed repeatly the killer is left handed. (Mickey)

Drake Nevins-He is killed when the killer jumps out of a car and stabs him in the chest. (Lois)

Rusty Hendricks-He is killed when the killer sticks a knife through the back of his head. (Mickey)

Jolene Reynolds-She is killed when the killer pops up from the back seat and breaks her neck when she is driving and loses control of her car,the killer jumps out of the car before it crashs and explodes. It is believed that Jill ordered her death (unknown)

Mickey Alteri-He is shot in the head by Dennis Mitchell when he tries to shoot Sidney.

Lois-She falls to her death when she is fighting with Sidney on Cami Watson's balcony.


Everyone is shocked and horrified when the verdict in Jill's trial is read.Also a mystery man named Robert Morgan arrives in Woodsboro he is a expert in serial killers and he seems to be very interested in the Jill Roberts case.

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