Scream 4 is a remake of the 2011 American comedy-horror-slasher film starring Kristen Stewart, Jason Lee, Gina Holden, Lindsey Shaw, Katie Cassidy, Martin Lawrence, Mila Kunis, Milo Ventimiglia, Daniel Radcliffe, Katharine McPhee, Jamie Johnston, Helen Hunt, Ali Larter, Zac Efron, Teresa Palmer, Amber Heard, Emma Bell, Jennifer Lawrence, Scout-Taylor Compton and Danielle Panabaker


Sidney Prescott has returned to Woodsboro to stay with her aunt Kate Roberts and cousin Jill Roberts she is now attending her fourth year of college, as she arrives, Ghostface once again begins killing students from Woodsboro High, including her cousin's friends. She teams up with Gale Weathers-Riley and Dewey Riley once again to stop the murders.


Kristen Stewart as Sidney Prescott

Jason Lee as Sheriff Dewey Riley

Gina Holden as Gale Weathers-Riley

Lindsey Shaw as Jill Roberts

Katie Cassidy as Kirby Reed

Martin Lawrence as Deputy Anthony Perkins

Mila Kunis as Rebecca Walters

Milo Ventimiglia as Deputy Ross Hoss

Daniel Radcliffe as Charlie Walker

Katharine McPhee as Olivia Morris

Jamie Johnston as Robbie Mercer

Helen Hunt as Kate Roberts

Ali Larter as Deputy Judy Hicks

Zac Efron as Trevor Sheldon

Emma Bell as Chloe Garrett (Stab)

Jennifer Lawrence as Rachel Miles (Stab)

Scout-Taylor Compton as Sherrie Marrico (Stab)

Danielle Panabaker as Trudie (Stab)

Teresa Palmer as Marnie Cooper

Amber Heard as Jenny Randall


Marnie Cooper- Gutted (Jill Roberts)

Jenny Randall- Ghostface crushes her back when she tries to crawl under an automatic garage door and stabs her to death (Jill Roberts)

Olivia Morris- Disemboweled (Charlie Walker)

Rebecca Walters- Stabbed to death and her body is thrown from the top of a parking garage, landing on a news van in front of a crowd of reporters (Charlie Walker)

Deputy Ross Hoss- Stabbed to death in his back (Jill Roberts)

Deputy Anthony Perkins- Stabbed to death in his head (Jill Roberts)

Kate Roberts- Stabbed in her back through a mail slot (Jill Roberts)

Robbie Mercer- Stabbed to death (Charlie Walker)

Kirby Reed?- Stabbed to death (Charlie Walker)

Trevor Sheldon- Shot in his crotch and then in his head (Jill Roberts)

Charlie Walker- Stabbed through his heart (Jill Roberts)

Jill Roberts- Shocked in her head with a defibrillator and shot in the chest (Sidney Prescott)


Sidney Prescott

Sheriff Dewey Riley

Gale Weathers-Riley

Deputy Judy Hicks

Kirby Reed?

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