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Scream 9 takes place after Scream 8. Ghostface is back and Fifi needs to fight him until he is dead for good.


  • Emma Bell as Fifi Mone
  • Hayden Panetterie as Kirby Reed
  • Olivia Wide as Sarah Feed
  • Kristen Bell as Chloe Patterson
  • Anna Paquin as Rachel Miles
  • James Franco As Mitch Collins
  • Matt Lillard as Det Sam Macher
  • Josh Pais as Det Tom Wallace
  • Jack Coleman as David Reed
  • Linda Hamilton as Megan Reed
  • Torian Bellisario as Lisa Wilcox
  • Joesph Gordon-Levitt as Andrew Lewis
  • JJ Cook As Melinda Carson
  • Vanessa Hudgins as Gina Kendricks
  • Shanae Grimes as Alex Peters
  • Alex Pettyfer as Douglas Lawerence
  • Lindsay Lohan as Julie White


  • Fifi Mone
  • Kirby Reed
  • Detective Sam Macher
  • Detective Tom Wallace


  • Mitch Collins-He wants Fifi to be killed cause she is the new Sidney Prescott
  • Andrew Lewis-He wants Kirby to be his girlfriend, but Kirby doesn't want to
  • Gina Kendricks-She is a big fan of Jill Roberts


  • Julie White-Mitch Collins and Andrew Lewis
  • Douglas Lawerence-Andrew Lewis
  • Melinda Carson-Gina Kendricks
  • Alex Peters-Gina Kendricks
  • Lisa Wilcox-Andrew Lewis
  • Rachel Miles-Mitch Collins
  • Chloe Patterson-Mitch Collins
  • David Reed-Gina Kendricks
  • Megan Reed-Gina Kendricks
  • Sarah Feed-Andrew Lewis
  • Andrew Lewis-Kirby Reed
  • Mitch Collins-Fifi Mone and Det Josh Pais
  • Gina Kendricks-Kirby Reed and Det Sam Macher


Everyone was stunned when Gina before she died told them who uploaded the footage of the murders committed by Jill and Charlie. They all go back to Woodsboro for the shocking conclusion of the Scream Saga.

Main Cast GalleryEdit

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