Scroop the Spider is the secondary antagonist of Fievel in the 100 Acre Wood (The primary being Pete). He is a demonic spider like creature who plotted to kill Cholena. Scroop joins up with Pete and his Pirate minions to invade the Hundred Acre Wood. They got to Skull Rock to fight with The Indians. But after Fievel and his new friends defeated The Pirates - Scroop attacked Fievel Woody and Buzz. In the struggle - Scroop was killed by Woody who strike him with Excalibur sending him falling into a bottomless pit.

  • Character Information

  • Personality - evil. murderous. sneaky. threatening. nasty. vicious. bloodthirsty

  • Goal - To kill Cholena

  • Friends - Peg Leg Pete. Shere Khan. Scar. Chernabog. Zira. Firebird. Emperor Zurg

  • Enemies - Fievel. Winnie the Pooh. Woody. Buzz Lightyear. Cholena. Tony Toponi. Tanya Mousekewitz. Tiger the Cat. Yoda. Nicodemus. Yen Sid. Mickey Mouse. Goofy

  • Minions - Pirates

  • Likes - Treasure

  • Dislikes - People sneaking up on him

  • Weapons - Claws

  • Fate - stabbed by Woody and falls to his death in the bottom of Skull Rock

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