Sealed with a Kiss is a 2006 Slasher Horror film written by Tim Day and Brian Nelson and directed by John Gulager.

It stars Vera Farmiga, Rebecca De Mornay, Rooney Mara, Jayma Mays, Holly Hunter, Jessica, Brie Larson Lucas and Sarah Wright.


Seven girls Lynn Verie (Vera Farmiga) Jorja Finn-Cross (Rebecca De Mornay) Tess McTreile (Rooney Mara) Katelyn Flitz-Patrick (Jayma Mays) Caitleen O'Donnell(Jessica Lucas) Evie Nareer (Brie Larson) and Nora Taine (Sarah Wright) all at the age of 11-9 years old had a crush on the most attractive boy of their school.

All six girls on the night of their town's great carnival show shared a kiss with the boy.

Now all girls aged from 21-19 are being picked off by the brother of the boy they shared an intimate moment with as his brother believes none of the girls deserved to touch his lips.


  • Vera Farmiga as Lynn Verie
  • Rebecca De Mornay as Jorja Finn-Cross
  • Rooney Mara as Tess McTreile
  • Jayma Mays as Katelyn Flitz-Patrick
  • Jessica Lucas as Caitleen O'Donnell
  • Sarah Wright as Nora Taine
  • Chris Hemsworth as Tyler Merryville
  • Tate Ellington as Jonah Merryville
  • Casper Van Dien as George/ Nora's boyfriend
  • Dax Shephard as Royce/ Jorja's Boyfriend
  • Jeremiah David Turner as Patrick/ Tess' Boyfriend
  • Tyrone D. Burton as Phillip/ Caitleen's Boyfriend
  • Jon Heder as Terry RedHead/ Katelyn's Boyfriend
  • P.J Soles as Donna Durflower
  • Holly Hunter as Fiona Merryville
  • Brie Larson as Evie Lareer
  • Frankie R. Faison as Doctor Whitmore

Death Sequence

  1. George: Throat slit with Pick-Axe during day time after he steps out to urinate on the rock cliff near Highway 6
  2. Nora Taine: Thrown off rock cliff following kiss from Killer
  3. Evie Lareer: Killed in St. Bernard's College after it is closed following chase and kiss. She is killed via push through window
  4. Doctor Franklin Whitmore: Shotgun blast to face in office at night
  5. Donna Durflower: Pursued through medical centre killed in Laundry Room via head placed in laundry door as the machine is running, her face is boiled and then peeled off asa result
  6. Fiona Merryville: Killed at Gas Station via Gasoline poured over body and then ignited by match
  7. Terry the Red-Head: Killed whilest on way to finally visit Katelyn, killed via Tyre Iron through seat
  8. Caitleen O' Donnell: Killed in canoe on swamp surrounding house via throat slit underwater following kiss
  9. Phillip: Killed whilest watching over Katelyn following the discovery of Terry and Cailteen's bodies. He is killed in Katelyn's house via decapitation from thrown reaper blade as he opens glass doors
  10. Katelyn Flitz-Patrick: Killed at Town Carnival on Ferris wheel following kiss via pole drop down into head
  11. Patrick: Killed at Town Carnival on Lift Up ride along with many others via explosion
  12. Tess McTreile: Killed at Town Carnival via 

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