• Married with Skids: Doug feels his marriage is loosing its vibe and asks Gary to help. Meanwhile Charlie gets drunk and watches the Cosby Show.
  • The Party Pooper: Eager to find a romance, Charlie goes to the local O Club where he encounters his nemesis Rodger the Rooster and his women.
  • The Party Pooper Part Two: Charlie and Rodger battle for the women while Bobby meets George Lucas disguised as a hobo, scouting Riverton for his new movie.
  • A Friend In George: Charlie, with his newly acquired man-honour, encounters his old friend George Lucas when Bobby brings him home, but trouble arises when Doug tries to coax some money out of George.
  • Charlie Gets Laid: Charlie finally beds his women, but he discovers that a former girlfriend laid one of his children. In trouble and afraid, Charlie seeks advice from Jerry White.
  • The Mehican: Brad Pitt arrives in Riverton, and with him brings a horde of outraged Mexicans who demand compensation for his "racist role" in The Mexican. Meanwhile Doug befriends Brad and helps him against the Mexicans in a survival apocalypse scenario parodying Resident Evil.
  • Run Chicken! Run!: Charlie and Bobby enroll to play on The Amazing Race and are shocked when they are selected. But trouble goes amiss in their first stop; Germany where local police arrest Charlie for a bank robbery committed fifteen years earlier.
  • Obam-ahhh: Riverton begins the voting process in the election, and Doug is shocked to find that Jerry White votes for John McCain. Meanwhile the aforementioned candidate visits Riverton disguised as Bill Cosby in order to win more votes for the Republicans.
  • Back In Black: After supposedly going incognito, Jerry White returns to Riverton with his new friend Johnny McCainee, a middle aged African American who seems suspicious.

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