3098 CE.


3109 CE.


Central and Eastern Africa


African Alliance

  • Federal Republic of Congo
  • Republic of the Congo
  • Gabonese Republic
  • Republic of Equatorial Guinea
  • Republic of Angola
  • Republic of Cameroon
  • Central African Republic
  • Democratic Alliance of Hope
  • Hutu-aligned forces

Union of Africa

  • Republic of Rwanda
  • Republic of Burundi
  • United Republic of Tanzania
  • Republic of Zambia
  • Republic of Malawi
  • Republic of Uganda
  • Republic of Kenya
  • Ensure Coalition of Virtue
  • Tutsi-aligned forces

The Second African World War took place between 3089 and 3109 in the Central and Eastern African region. The largest war in Africa's history, it directly involved fifteen African nations, as well as about 8 armed groups. By 3109 the war and its aftermath had killed 37 million people, mostly from disease and starvation, making the Second African World War the deadliest conflict since the Third Middle Eastern War. Millions more were displaced from their homes or sought asylum in neighboring countries, mostly Sudan and South Africa. It was reported that sexual atrocities against women go 'far beyond rape' and include sexual slavery, forced incest, and cannibalism as well as tortue.

Military Strength

  • African Alliance= Total:15,300,800
  • Union of Africa= Total:12,970,600

Confirmed Casualties

African Alliance

  • Military killed:5,000,000
  • Civilians killed:10,000,000

Union of Africa

  • Military killed:7,000,000
  • Civilians killed:15,000,000

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