Harry Potter. Neville Longbottom leads Dumbledore's Army to fight the death eaters. Neville/Hannah

Chapter One, Carrow

"Yes, if you become pregnant and the muggle male is the father, you are taking a big risk. This 'baby' can hurt you and destroy your magic. It would be the wrong choice to even sleap with the muggle, so can anyone tell me what you have learned today", Alecto Carrow asked the stunned class. Neville's jaw was about to drop.

"Come on", she said impatiently. Lavendar Brown raised her hand. "Yes, Miss Brown", she smiled a toothless smile. "What was that", she asked.

Carrow's smile turned into a frown. "What do you mean", she said, and the room felt very angry. Neville Longbottom closed his eyes.

"There is no way that is true. I have a half blood friend, and her mother is still alive", she explained. Carrow raised her wand. "Crucio".

Everyone screamed and paled. Lavendar fell to the floor, screaming in agony. "Please", she begged as she continued to get tortured.

Carrow removed the curse. "Two Hundread Points from Gryffindor", she said. When things were normal, like they used to be, they would be outraged at Lavendar and Carrow. However, things weren't normal.

"So, who else apreaciates my statment", she asked the class. Lavendar was choking on her sobs, and she looked up.

"Miss Brown, you have detention with me tonight", Carrow snapped, and "Class dismissed".

Neville and Seamus Flinnigan walked over to Lavendar and Partival Patil. "What were you thinking", Neville said.

"I don't know. It just blurted out, and then i relised i said the wrong thing", she whispered. "My Mother said if something goes wrong, i'm getting pulled out. I think if something else goes wrong, i'm going away", she whispered.

"So are you going to be a coward", Seamus snapped. Partival and Neville looked up. "Seamus", Neville whispered. "Trouble", they heard the oh so familar voice behind them.

The four looked up. "No proffesor Snape", they said in unison. "Very well then, get to your next class", he said.

That night, Ginny Weasley led Lavendar to the Detention. "Are you sure walking with me is a great idea", Lavendar asked. "Sure, as long as i don't get caught", she said.

"Come in", came Alecto's voice. Ginny mouthed 'Good Luck', and walked away. Lavendar stepped in, and saw Alecto's brother Amycus.

"Your detention will be to please my brother", she said. "I will be in the next room if you need me", she stood up and walked away.

"Now now darling, don't be crying to daddy. Your uncle Amycus is going to make things ever so better", he grinned.

"NO", Lavendar screamed, but there was the silencing charm put on. The Gryffindors were waiting for Lavendar's return.

An hour later, Lavendar slowly walked to them. She had tears in her eyes, and she was bleeding. "What happened to you Lavendar", Ginny gasped.

She turned to them. "Uncle Amycus kissed me", she smiled. "She is under the Imperio curse", Neville whispered.

She raised her wand at Neville. "Avada Kedarva", but the curse missed and the re was screams. Neville turned around, and saw a dead first year.

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