Secundus Antonius Gessius Maxentius Victor
Biographical information
Home city


Date of birth

101 B.C.

Physical description

1.80 meters

Hair color

black (when he was 16 years old) tawny (when he was adult)

Eye color


Personal information

Kaeso Pullus, Julianus Descentius, Caius Julius


Beowulf, The Senate, The Thracians, Othehilthis,


The Beast Slayer



Rank in the Roman Army

Praetorian Guard

Chronological and political information

Praetorian Guard, Early Legionary Cohort, Areani

Famous battles



The Roman Republic, The City State of Gessia, The Roman Empire

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Secundus Gessius was an great general who lived at the times of the Roman Republic. Secundus's family is ole of the great families of the Roman Republic. He was born in Gessia the city which all his ancestors and descendants were born. Secundus Gessius fought in many wars and may other battles proving to the Senate which disliked him because of his Clan that he is needed for the Republic and for all the Roman State. Secundus had many friends but also many enemies.


Early lifeEdit

Secundus Gessius was born is Gessia in 101 B.C. His parents were murdered by his patriarch and matriarch. Secundus proved his power at his (parents) when he murdered them for the same thing they've done to his parents. After these events Secundus was tracked by an Roman diplomat named Lucius Nepos. Lucius taught him how to assassinate and later he sended Secundus to the Philosophical Academy. Secundus succesfully passed the Academy and became a great diplomat.

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