Sense and Sense Ability is a 2001 American Drama Thriller film written by Stanley Kubrick and directed by Bryan Singer.

The film's scriptwriter Stanley Kubrick the infamous movie madman died at age 70 in 1999 and wrote the script for Sense and Sense Ability in 1998 the year prior to his death.

The film he had planned to originally direct himself following his completion of the script but couldn't soon after courtesy of the untimely tragedy.

The film instead remained in lock until 2000 when ambitious beginning director Bryan Singer whom had began production on the X-Men film would assume it.

The film was completed by Spring 2000 in back to back shooting with the phenomenal X-Men film and Sense and Sense Ability was released in early 2001 grossing a high revenue and being held in high regard by critics everywhere.

It marks Stanley's last official filmwork and the film itself coming to the end credits has a dedication.

It stars Kim Basinger, Kevin Dillon, Adrian Pasdar, William A. Johnson, Spencer Treat Clark, Kyra Sedgwick, Ron Eldard, Dougray Scott, Tommy Flanagan, Joely Richardson and features Martin Lawrence.


Five bestfriend boys with extraordinary abilities in a turbulent times find their strong friendship to be broken as four of them use their abilities for bad purposes and the fifth fights against them along with a disgruntled guidance councellor dealing with the loss of eight year old boy whom committed suicide a year ago.

The film hits an astonishing brutal climax as one of the four bad boys whom happened to be the rebelling good boy's bestfriend squares off with him on the bridge where the guidance councellor woman's son took the leap which ended his life.

He has her positioned ready for her to take the same fate.

His power of persuasion however is turned against him as the power of feeling absorbs it.

The boy himself is placed in a juvenile mental facility closing as the final scene of the film.

Pain and Persuasion

In the film the two boys Gavin Trimming and Irwin Ell come from abuse.

Gavin has two abusive older brothers and Irwin has one older abusive brother.

Gavin however possesses no parents and instead lives with his brothers whom bumped off their father and waited for their mother to die of her leukemia to inherit the house and money which meant with it the custody of Gavin.

Irwin lives in a nice home with a stepmother whom inherited eveything following his father's heart attack and began sleeping with his mid 20's older brother whom constantly phsychically abuses him to which she witnesses but does not do anything.

He eventually through his power of persuasion makes her withdraw a large kitchen knife and stab herself in the left side of the face.

This execution is taken and used in the popular WB turned CW television show Supernatural in the Season One episode Nightmare in which a telekinetic boy stabs his stepmother which witnesses his abuse at the hands of his father and uncle in the head with a large kitchen knife.


  • Kim Basinger as Guidance Councellor Kimberley Clarke
  • William A. Johnson as Raymond Light/ Sense
  • Josh Hutcherson as Gavin Trimming/ Pain
  • Jonah Hill as Older Fat Boy Falcon Andrews/ Illusion
  • Spencer Treat Clark as Irwin Ell/ Persuasion
  • Kevin Dillon as Guidance Councellor Thomas Clergy
  • Adrian Pasdar as Guidance Councellor Boman Unce
  • Kyra Sedgwick as Florence Light
  • Martin Lawrence as Guidance Councellor Barry Shephard
  • Steve Harris as Bishop Shephard
  • Angela Bassett as Lorraine Shephard
  • Ron Eldard as Marty Trimming
  • Dougray Scott as Leslie Trimming
  • Tommy Flanagan as Yemm Ell
  • Joely Richardson as Constance Ell

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