Sgt. Hayes was the main striker commander during the Battles of: Haven, Earth, Haven II, The Mantle, and Atlantis.

Physical Stats

Hayes was always described as tall, with a small frame, brunette, and brilliant blue eyes, soft features, not exactly someone you would expect to be a hardened war veteran, her very sub-pars fear her, but when it comes to a combat situation, they are glad to have her on their side.


During the Grendel rebellion, Hayes stayed loyal to the UEM, as did the rest of the Strikers. She lead many ground attacks against Zodiac forces during the First Battle of Earth, and helped Davian and his MSWG during the Battle of Haven II. Several attacks have been made by Zodiac assassins to kill her, hoping that in her death the main 'Human' defense forces would wilt, allowing them to strike hard, and wipe them out easily, all assassination attempts have failed. Her weapon of choice is the XLR8-4r Assault Rifle in Total Assault 3.

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