Serpentine is the first episode in the second season of Hunters (TV series) and features the appearance of Lee Carnigan.

Plot SummaryEdit

A middle age man unknowingly releases Jormungandr from his prison and unleashes the Norse monster upon the town of Valdez. When the hunters come to town they meet a hunter called Lee Carnigan, and he agrees to help them stop the Jormungandr. They visit the man, Rick Dunston, who is also the local sheriff, and he denies any involvement, although he knows abbout the monster. The hunters and Lee are not convinced, and they see Rick feeding the Jormungandr dead cows outside of town, making it grow stronger. The monster than goes into Valdez and kills nine people when it crushes the local dinner, but still Sheriff Dunston denies any knowledge of the monster. The hunters and Lee decide to confront him in the act, and they find him feeding the Jormungandr again. He laughs at their effort to stop him, and after he explains why he is grown to like the Jormungandr and what he plans to do with it, he orders it to kill the hunters. The Jormungandr, blinded by Lee's torch, becomes confused and instead drags Dunston into its subterranean lair. The hunters then go to the lair outside Valdez and confront the Jormungandr once and for all. In the ensuing battle Lee is bitten by the snake, but manages to kill. He walks nine steps than collapses, but, as if by fate, he is saved by another dose of the Jormungandr's venom. He then says that Valdez is nothing to him anymore, and proceeds to join the hunters.

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