When the Harbingers abandoned the Havens, they left behind the Servers, or EMDSes, which stands for, Electro-Mechanical Defense Systems. The Servers are merely sentries, and cannot think for themselves, so the Harbingers developed a central Matrix which could control The Servers known as The Metatron. The Metatron is not the only name the Central Matrix is known by, it is also known as its self-titled 'Lord of Lords' and 'Lord Lycan', The Butcher, and Zikan (When referring to himself as Lord Lycan, he is using the term 'Lycan' as a shortened version of 'Lycanthropy', which is the study of transformation, which could be the foreshadowing of the transformations of the Metatron's character). This Entity was heavily damaged when the Zodiac and UEM ruptured the interior of the Matrix Center at the Spawn Research Facility beneath the Gnashbone Fury, and thus, all of the Matrices on all 21 of the Havens were damaged, and the great Lord of Lords began to Corrode. The Corroded Entity then began to question his purpose, and his makers' purpose, and then questioned the purpose of life. The now damaged Central Matrix of the Havens began to have second thoughts about 'helping' the Humans and Zodiac against the Spawn. The Metatron betrayed them, and all of his Servers betrayed with them. The Insane Artificial Intelligence had come to the conclusion that organic life was an 'accident', a virus, an infection upon space. The Metatron was going to use the Spawn to wipe out all life in the Universe, and all of the rest of them. Then The Metatron would use its 'End War' Mechanism and wipe out all Spawn Life-forms. The Metatron then showed The Spawn, 'The Eye of the Harbingers' and The Spawn came up with a plan, to trick a weak-minded fool into siding with them, and using The Eye to bring them to the Humans' homeworld, Earth, which is where the Local Super-Haven was located. If the Spawn did this, then surely they would get the upper hand in this Universe. With his Mission an assumed success, The Metatron then traveled to the second Haven for preperations, unknowing and oblivious to the fact that the Humans would, indeed, defeat Adrean, the tricked 'weak-minded fool', and destroy (temporarily anyway) The Eye.

Once he discovered his plan had failed, he grew angry, but only for an instant, he then laughed, remembering that they were completely oblivious to the fact that there was more than one Haven. He then, knowing he would not have to fool with these 'humans' until later, decided, he would start by causing the Zodiac to split aswell, to weaken them. He threw down a beacon on a Scorpion controlled world, knowing that the Arians had a grudge against them. Making sure that an Oracle controlled embassy, and not an Arian controlled one saw the beacon, he fled to Haven 2, and watched. The Oracles found, fought, and then finally submitted to these new beasts, the Scorpions. He then waited as the Oracles introduced them to the Arians, and then as all hell broke loose amongst the Zodiac empire, and watched, and laughed, amused as it fell darker, and darker, into division. Although still allied as a whole, it was only a matter of time before they split. He now focused on Earth, and was even more amused to find that the Spawn controlled ships had gathered outside of Earth's colonies, protected from the Spawn only by one layer of shields emitted by Defensive Space Stations. The now aggresive and agitated Zodiac empire then sent in one of their World Breaker Capitol Platforms, known as the Spindle Shrine, to Earth, breaking through the shield, and allowing the Spawn fleet passage to Earth. The now infested planet Earth, appeared doomed. Metatron had thought that the humans had practically killed themselves, when soon, as he expected, the Zodiac split into factions, divided by their ignorance. The 2 Arian factions, lead by Avisto, and Kluutak, and the original, now lead by the Oracles, and the Scorpions, replacement for the Arians. Earth was thought to be lost, until, Avisto's small faction landed and cleaned up the mess, and as the Spindle Shrine made a Wormjump, was followed by a UEM Fleet, including the Melchizadek on board. The Metatron was frightened when they arrived at Haven 2. So, The Metatron jumped to a Haven Orbital Scout and Repair Station and began the building process for a new shell, which would be transported to Earth in due time. For now, he watched as the UEM landed on the Haven. He then focused on the Zodiac, and watched as they sent down an Oracle commander, named Malice. The Metatron communcated with him, and told him he was a Harbinger God, who wanted him to do a Holy Quest for him, but to not tell anyone. Malice bowed before The Metatron, and then The Metatron directed him to the End War mechanism of Haven, which was the self-destruct mechanism, and told him to activate it, but before he could, The Melchizadek found and killed Malice, and The Metatron's plan was thwarted... for now. The Metatron communicated with them via a hologram, and told them that they cannot escape their doom, that he would win, and that he always wins. He then turned his attention to Earth, where The Scorpion Diety, Ragnarok, was trying to acitvate a weapon located underneath a human city, known as New Foothills, in America, a fell human 'country'. Avisto, an Arian military commandant, found, and stopped Ragnarok from activating it, before The Metatron could stop him, but he told Avisto, via a hologram, that 'He got lucky, but next time, he would not be so lucky." The Metatron then went dormant, and waited from himself to be activated, on Earth, lying dormant in his metallic shell.

Known Servers Edit

The Metatron controls all machines and Drones on the Havens. All machines are under control of one consciousness, this also means that the Metatron can link to any mechanical thing linked into his Matrix and 'communicate' through it.

  • Attack Drones (Ht - 7'6) - Attack Drones are what he favors to speak through.
  • Repair Drones (2'0 - Length) - He sometimes communicates through swarms of Repair Drones.
  • Carrier Drones (Ht - 36'6) - The Metatron almost never speaks through the massive Carrier Drones.
  • The Metatron (Ht - 7'1 in diameter) - The shell that he favors is the one built for him by the Harbingers.

Known Individuals Edit

In the absence of The Metatron the individual Drones possess unit AIs which allow them to make decisions and other things. They are super-intelligent while not being as intelligent as The Metatron itself. Below are a list of known Drones.

It is unknown why The Metatron gives control of the Attack Drones onboard the Duality to Malice, it is possible The Metatron trusted Malice.

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