Set Kil
Universe Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles
Race Selkie
Gender Male
Style Wolfie
Trade Tailor
Age 17 (at beginning of story)
Hometown Leuda
Family Unknown

Set Kil is a fan character in the Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles universe and the fanfiction Pen and Paper. He was born in Leuda, a Selkie settlement, but was orphaned at a young age. He moved to Riyu after sneaking onto their caravan that traveled near there every year. There, he met Kay Lee and grew an infatuation for her. Eventually, the two begin dating.

As a side note, the second part of his name is not pronounced "kill" but "keel."

Character Design


Set Kil is a shy Selkie boy who prefers to keep to himself. He rarely talks to others because of his lacking social skills. Eventually, he makes friends with Hailey and Roc, who later introduces him to Kay Lee. Kay Lee helps him set up his own tailoring shop, something he had always wanted to do since moving to Riyu, and he proves to be very skilled at the job.

Battling Style

Set Kil is one of the few Selkies who is skilled at magic. He prefers attacking from a far distance, though he is usually one of the first to be attacked during an ambush. His favorite spell is Fire. Hailey has tried to teach him to fight with a sword, but he has found it difficult and continues to fight with offensive magic.