Shade of the Moon is the debut album from Swedish/Norwegian melodic death metal band Voyage of the Shade; formed by ex-Shadow Voyage bassist Peter Kardensi and drummer Richard Gregsen after the controversy over Shadow Voyage; released on October 12th 2010 via Nefari Records. The album's song and writing credits have been disputed as stolen by Kardensi and Gregsen from the 2010 Shadow Voyage album; but they and the rest of the band have denied this.


After Shadow Voyage finished touring for 2008's VII: The Shadowed Veil in late December 2009, they returned home after several months of touring. Erik Sturgens had begun writing new songs; and as he told Metalix in a January 2010 interview: "After VII; we really felt we had to make an album that sort of eclipses us as a band. Through all the bullshit and trials; we have endured and I have begun to write some conscious and relevant songs to myself and us, personal songs".

The band booked studio time from March-June of 2010 and made significant headway on the new album. However in early August bassist Peter Kardensi and drummer Richard Gregsen fired Erik Sturgens from the band without conferring with the others; who are the founding members. Sturgens was appalled but with Kardensi and Gregsen present he was bluntly ousted from the band. After discovering Erik's firing Martin Vargeld and Niklas Sturgens were outraged and took Kardensi and Gregsen to court. After the court proceedings the Sturgens brothers and Martin Vargeld took the Shadow Voyage name and all previous recordings and Kardensi and Gregsen took the current recordings with the singer Johan Rekse who had been brought on as Erik Sturgen's.

Peter Kardensi, Richard Gregsen and Johan Rekse recruited Harold Hardensi and Geofri Junderssen on guitars and begun working on the recordings under the new name Voyage of the Shade.


The album was released on October 10th in Scandanavia and October 12th everywhere else. It has sold around 35,000 copies and charted at #30 on Metalix Metal Countdown. At several Oslo music stores Shadow Voyage fans protested and burned copies of Shade of the Moon.


The album was generally well received by critics. gave it 7.6/10 and MetalMoreMuch gave it 82%.

Metalix said:

"In August shit well and truly hit the fan for Sweden's Shadow Voyage when long-time member and founder vocalist Erik Sturgens was swiftly disposed of by bassist Peter Kardensi and drummer Richard Gregsen, who had only sevred in SV's ranks since 2007, with out the awareness of Martin Vargeld (lead guitar) and Niklas Sturgens. After all the court case hoo-ha Shadow Voyage was reclaimed by its founding members, as were all their released material, but the Kardensi-Gregsen party claimed the current recordings and left town with new singer Johan Rekse, who had been initially brought on as Erik's replacement. Now after a few months of Shadow Voyage, as of now a three piece, and this new band Voyage of the Shade have both begun to get their shit together. And the seemingly similarly named VotS have beaten their former bandmates to the shelves with this album Shade of the Moon While Kardensi and Gregsen' contributions to Shadow Voyage were more or less unnoticeable due to their positions in the band; I mean Kardensi played similar bass lines all over the last few albums and Gregsen's drums were blithely dull; they seem to have been reinvigorated with this new band and new bandmates. The dual guitar assault of Harold Hardensi and Geofri Junderssen overs a much more aural annihilation than the Vargeld-Sturgens pairing, but Martin Vargeld simply defeats these two guys in technicality. And then we come to the factor of this album, and band, that is a redeemer for those who surge with hatred/disappointment with Kardensi and Gregsen; it is Johan Rekse's vocals. While Erik Sturgens alternates between clean singing and growls; Rekse remains in guttural tones and offers a truly brutal vocal performances. He tears his vocal chords apart and is definitely one of the guys putting the death metal back in melodic death metal. And that's were confusion over this album's genre begins; musically its melodeath, but vocally is death metal? Overall if you can forgive Kardensi and Gregsen for their past bullshittery; than you can enjoy this album. They could have done a whole lot worse!".

Track listing

  1. "Dark Days" - 3:30
  2. "Mankind's Downfall" - 4:25
  3. "We Are The Darkness" - 2:50
  4. "Traitor" - 5:00
  5. "Syphon" - 6:15
  6. "The Great Demise" - 4:00
  7. "Reap In The Light" - 3:44
  8. "Shards of Time" - 7:15


  • Saame Jogenn - producer
  • Johan Rekse - vocals
  • Harold Hardensi - lead guitar
  • Geofri Junderssen - guitar
  • Peter Kardensi - bass
  • Richard Gregsen - drums

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