Shadorex(originally known as Syrus) is one of the Antiheroes in Nightmare unleashed.

His name is derived from the words Shadow and Rex, which describes him by his name as the king of shadows.


Shadorex is actually more an antihero than a simple villain. All he wanted is power and to become powerful, he had no need or lust to kill his own brothers but Eko was being foolish and believed that Syrus was trying to kill Haul where it was really someone else. Eko tried to kill Syrus and failed to succeed by falling into a pit of black tar where it embodied him. Syrus was not pleased to see his own brother die and knowing that it was his own falt for such will to be destroyed, Syrus left and became "Shadorex" where to him unknown, Eko had survived and fused within the tar and become a monster unbeatable. the sludge, the ooze, the tar had destroyed him.


He shares all the abilities that Haul can do.


During ''his own search for power, he invented a new skill that Haul ''did not possess. It was called' Darkonesis: the ability to control the darkness without corruption.


As already said, Shadorex is an Antihero where he wants power and revenge upon all who gets in his way. Syrus before his jealousy overcame him, he and Haul were twins and were very close and thus Syrus would never have the heart to kill Haul even if he was a dark lord or was forced to.


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