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He's the second main villain in the David Story. He use to be a great hero in Thunder Village, but became a Rogue Criminal. He also use to be great friends with LightingFang, but became his worse enemy. ShadowBlade's destiny is to destroy the whole world and kill LightingFang. ShadowBlade is also 39 years old, but Chaos made him 26 years old forever. ShadowBlade is also Jester's son. ShadowBlade is human, but has chameleon skin on his left arm and left leg. Thats why ShadowBlade wears a bandage on his left arm and left leg. ShadowBlade is now the current leader for the Unknown Organization. ShadowBlade also has a secret power that can destroy the whole world. His secret power can also take the Wild Beast Creatures.

Debut (Anime)- Season 7 (Episode 5)

Appears in Anime and Manga

Birthdate- July 4

Classification- Rogue Criminal

Age- 26 years old

Gender- Male

Affiliation- The Unknown Organization

Previous affiliation(s)- Thunder Village and the former leader of Hug Village

Occupation- Leader of the Unknown Organization

                   Family Members

Jester- (Father, Still Alive) Jessica- (Sister, deceased) Wesker- (Younger Brother, deceased) Neo- (Older Brother, Still Alive)