Shark vs Piranha is a Horror Thriller Film which will be released in 2014. The Cast features Andrew Lincoln, Drew Barrymore, Nicholas D'Agosto, Elle Fanning, Erica Leerhsen, Lynda Carter, Matthew Lillard, Ryan Merriman, Chelan Simmons, Jesse Moss, Mike Vogel, Ryan Hansen, Julianna Guill, Channing Tatum, Crystal Lowe and Katie Cassidy.




  • Andrew Lincoln as George
  • Drew Barrymore as Jill
  • Nicholas D'Agosto as Jake
  • Elle Fanning as Laura
  • Erica Leerhsen as Mandy
  • Lynda Carter as Betty
  • Matthew Lillard as James
  • Ryan Merriman as Ricardo
  • Chelan Simmons as Danni
  • Jesse Moss as Mason
  • Mike Vogel as Ryan
  • Ryan Hansen as Andy
  • Julianna Guill as Heather
  • Channing Tatum as Richie
  • Crystal Lowe as Liz
  • Katie Cassidy as Erica


  • George
  • Jill


  • Erica - Fell out of the motorboat and killed by a propeller.
  • Heather - Shark leaps up and eats her upper body.
  • Richie - Devoured by piranhas.
  • Mason - While in his floaty chair,Shark pushes him underwater,leaving only his head.
  • Ryan - Piranhas leap onto his face and devour him.
  • Andy - Piranhas pull him underwater and devour him.
  • James - Shark Leaps up from under the dock and eats him in one gulp.
  • Liz - While skinny dipping,a speedboat comes by and slices her in half.
  • Ricardo - Piranha leaps up and eats his neck. His head then falls off.
  • Betty - Shark pushes her underwater and devours her.
  • Jake - Devoured by Piranhas while in hot tub.
  • Laura - Same Death as Jake.
  • Mandy - Same Death as Laura and Jake.
  • Danni - Shark pulls her underwater and eats her.

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