Sharktopus Vs Piranhaconda is a 2016 Horror thriller Sci-Fi Film that aired a little less than 6 months from "Piranhaconda". This is also a crossover between the two films based on the same names.


Another Sharktopus and Piranhaconda are Released after an earthquake and are attacking Hawaii together. And the only way to stop them is To have them fight a vicious war that endangers all of civilization.


Emily Meade as Tina

Scott Porter as Billy

Danielle Panabaker as Regina

Nicholas D' Agosto as Alvin

John Goodman as Leo

Daran Norris as Riley

Ellen Wroe as Kammy

Amber Heard as Crystal

Hector Jimenez as Mack

Brittany Snow as Rachael

Eric Roberts as Freddy

Bobby Campo as Matt

Shandi Finnessey as Andrea

Tom Cruise as Josh

Lisa Marie Presley as Sarah

Vanessa Morgan as Madison

Arlen Escarpeta as Tommy

Miranda Cosgrove as Sally

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