Harry Potter: Harry has the power of a basilisk. Grey Harry/Ginny


Harry James Potter awoke, and saw the concerned face of Ginevra Molly Weasley. She let out a gasp of relief and horror.

"What is it", Harry asked, concerned. "You're eyes", she whispered. "Have you got a mirror or something", Harry asked. Ginny shook her head.

"You could look in the reflection of the water", she said. Harry crawled to the water, and gasped. His eyes were pure yellow, the same as a basilisk.

"How come you weren't murdered when i looked into you're eyes", Harry asked.

"I don't know", Ginny said. Harry saw a purple arua around her. Harry then noticed something strange. Suddenly, Harry saw Ginny's memorys.

"Daddy, read about Harry Potter", said a five year old Ginny.

Ginny backing away as Tom Riddle arose from his diary, and Ginny could only scream in horror as he slowly walked to her.

"Harry, are you okay", Ginny asked.

Harry nodded. "I don't know what happened, but i can see you're memorys", he said. Ginny paled. "You saw Tom, didn't you", she whispered.

Harry nodded. "I'm sorry", both hugged each other. Ginny had forgotten about her crush, and Harry had forgotten about his awkwardness around Ginny.

Both were at peace, or so they thought.

"Harry, we need to go", Ginny said, and Harry sighed. "I wander what people's reactions are going to be", Harry said. Ginny giggled, despite herself.

"I will stick with you Harry", Ginny told him, and both stared into each other's eyes. And Harry kissed Ginny. Her lips were soft.

She kissed back, and both felt their tounges inside each other. Both broke apart.

"That was nice", they said in uniison. "Oh, i almost forgot", Ginny ran, and picked up the diary, the sword and the sorting hat. "Evidence".

Harry and Ginny neared the debris, when they saw a phoneix fly up to them. Fawkes was with the grey phoneix.

Hello, Human Harry and Ginny. I'm Your Phoneix

Hello, what is your name Ginny asked.

Zilled, it is ancient runes laungage for the between.

Harry, Ginny, Fawkes and Zilled walked and they saw Ron and a unconscious Lockart.

"Ginny, you're okay", Ron said. He noticed Zilled. "Who is that", he asked, confused.

"My Phoneix", Harry told Ron. Ron looked jealous. "Why did you get one", he demanded.

Harry glared at him. "Because he came to me. Now is not the time. We need to get here", Harry said. "Okay", but Ron looked as if he wanted to continue the arguing.

"Right, all of you hold onto Fawkes. I will hold onto Zilled".

They did as they were told, and they met Moaning Mrytle.

"Oh, you survived", Mrytle looked disapointed.

"Sorry to disapoint you, but we survived", Harry said.

Harry, Ron, Ginny, Lockart, Zilled and Fawkes walked into the room. Mr and Mrs. Weasley jumped up, and both hugged Ron, Ginny and then Harry.

Dumbledore looked interestly at Zilled, who was talking to Fawkes. He turned his attention to Harry. "Perharps we need to know what realy happened", he said.

So Harry and Ginny told them. About Ginny being possessed, to Harry having the basilisk powers. "I can sense someone's past", he told them.

He looked at Dumbledore, and saw something which shocked him. He saw how Dumbledore was devastated by his sister Arania death and how he was to blame.

"It isn't you're fault Proffesor", Harry said, and Dumbledore's twinkle vanished. Just then, Lucious Malfoy bursted into.

"Dumbledore, what are you doing here", he demanded. "The head of governor borders had told me to come after Miss Ginevra Weasley was abducted", he explained.

Harry saw Dobby come in, covered in rags.

"Wait, here", Harry gave Malfoy the diary. Everyone looked confused, until Malfoy threw the diary to Dobby.

"Dobby is a free houseelf", he said. Malfoy turned around, glared at Harry. "No you are not", he said. Dobby shook his head.

"Dobby, do you want to be my house elf", Harry asked. Dobby nodded. "Yes, Master Potter. Dobby is delighted".

"That's it", Ron shouted, and everyone turned to look at him, including Fawkes and Zilled.

"He gets a phoneix and then a house elf. I hate you Potter", he sneered. Harry shot him a glare. "Fine", and with that, Harry, Zilled and Dobby left the office.

"Ronald Biluis Weasley", Molly screamed, and everyone winced. Ginny was taken to the hospital wing by Arthur and Dumbledore.

Harry was in the hospital wing. "Dobby, where do you stay", Harry asked. "In Hogwarts, Sir. Everytime you ask for me, Dobby will come", he said.

"Dobby, can you please just say Harry, instead of Sir and Master", Harry asked. "Sure, Dobby will do as you say".

Dobby disapeared with a crack.

One: Loss

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