Shaun Miller is a character in the animated television series Nick and Jerrick. He is a twenty-five-year-old dead beat drug dealer who has nothing else better to do than to sell marijuana. He is the only drug dealer in town and the police often overlook him as there is no real drug problem in Rose Beach, Florida. Shaun often sells to Jerrick despite the fact that Shaun testified against him in court in "iMatt".

Shaun is Caucasian and stands at five feet and six inches in height. He has light ash brown hair which is usually dirty and ruffled, brown eyes which are often hazy and low, and always wears a red housecoat, gray sweatpants, and blue slippers. He lives with his mom in a trailer in the middle of downtown Rose Beach. He will often get people to run his merchandise for him to his customers in return for free merchandise.

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