Shaun of the dead two is the seqaul to Shaun of the dead.Shaun and Liz move along with zombie Ed to Diane's house.When the zombies attack yet again,Shaun leads them and Diane to the coffee house.


One Diane's HouseEdit

"Shaun,Give me an hand",Liz shouted through the other side of the house."Okay",Shaun shouted back.Shaun walked over to Liz and grabed the box she was holding.He kissed her on the lips and walked outside with the box in his hands."Thanks",Liz thanked Shaun.

They were going to Diane's aunt house,As they could not pay their rent.Four people and an zombie in one house can pay the rent easily."Where are we going to put Ed",Liz asked."Boot of the car",Shaun replyed.He opened the shed and unlocked Ed's chain off him.

Shaun lured Ed to the car and when he got to the boot,Shaun pushed Ed into the boot and quickly locked it."I'm driveing",Liz said matter of factly and got in the drivers side."Okay",And Shaun got in the front.

After an hour,They got their and greeted Diane."Diane",Liz cried out and ran up to her and they hugged."I haven't seen you since",Diane looked down and they all knew what that meant.It was basicly Diane's fault that the pub was overran by zombies,But all was forgiven.

"This is my aunt Maggie",Diane pointed at the old woman coming out of the house."Hello",Liz and Shaun smiled as Maggie walked up to them.It reminded them off Barbara."Hello,You must be Shaun and Liz.Where's Ed",She asked.

"In here",Shaun opened the boot and there was Ed,Trying to get up."What happened",Diane worridly asked.She had caused him to be like this.It was her fault."We should get in now",Maggie said as Shaun lured Ed yet again to his new shed and locked him in.

"Aunt,Please,He is not going to do any harm",Diane tried to convince Maggie."No,I'm going",Maggie said as she walked out of the house.Diane looked at her aunt as she left."Diane,Where were you when you left us to defend for ourselfs",Shaun asked.

"I managed to get near the park,I climbed up the tree with David's leg.The next couple of days,I woke up and saw the pub in fire.I thought you were all dead.I eat some of his leg,I climbed down and found out the area was quarantined.I managaed to get out and got to my aunt's",Diane said.

Meanwhile,Maggie was walking when she saw her best friend Linda."Hello,Linda",Maggie smiled."Hello",She hugged Maggie.The friends had not saw each other in an long time.Befour they could speak,An man jumped onto Maggie and bit into her neck."Maggie",Linda screamed.The man looked up to her and slowly walked up to her.Linda turned around and tried to run for help."Help me",She screamed,And to her horror,She saw the whole town was full of zombies."HELP ME",She screamed,But just then,Maggie got up and bit right into Linda's neck.Linda would never see her family again.

Two Again and AgainEdit

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