She's So Dead are an American deathcore from Arizona formed in 2003 by Mitchell Thurston (vocals), Gabe Saroli (lead guitar), Michael Endelssen (rhythm guitar, backing vocals), Andy Thurston (bass) and Rob Saroli (drums). The band have released three studio albums, one EP and a live DVD.


Formation and early years

Mitchell Thurston and his older brother Andy got into metal in their high school years via their elder brother Dean, who currently plays guitar in Doomed Again. By their senior year they had a band; consisting of Mitchell on vocals, Dean on guitar and Andy on bass, calling themselves Thurston Bros. of Carnage. They played a primarily metalcore sound inspired by early All That Remains and Killswitch Engage with a drum machine.

In 2002 Thurston Bros. dissolved after Dean injured his hand in a work accident, although his brothers told him to continue with music when he had recovered. Andy and Mitchell set about forming a new band, calling on their school friends Gabe and Rob Caroli. Gabe and Rob joined on as guitarist and drummer; with the band rounded out by Mike Endelssen on rhythm guitar.

A Whole Lotta Carnage

After opening for Death Flower in their home state, She's So Dead were brought to the attention of producer Joe Friese (God Appendium, Fervor), who contacted the bands management, Dean Thurston. He contacted his brothers and the other members, who were all fans of Friese's work and signed with, Dean remaining their manager.

2002 saw busy recording at a studio art up in Arizona, with Friese wanting to capture the band's frenetic aggression from their live shows. Mitchell Thurston recalled the experience on the live DVD, She's Still Dead: Inside She's So Dead:

"Writing for the album was tough, since we had songs like "Cliched Carnage" and "Blood Brother" from our early days, but we still had to make new songs. The challenge was impressing Joe, but thankfully he gave good ideas and brought out the best in us"

Whole Lotta Blood, inspired by the similarly name Led Zeppelin song, was released on April 13th 2003 via Frieseman Records, an independent label Joe Friese uses for his smaller bands. The album was well-recieved by critics for the band's unique brand of technical deathcore and production of Joe Friese.

Metalix said: "While they may be young and new, Arizona's She's So Dead possess a technicality and experience of bands ten years their seniors. Mitchell Thurston, who is only 21, growls and shrieks to rival George Fisher of Cannibal Corpse. The songs are brutal and heavy deathcore from five young Arizonan lads eager to make their mark. And Joe Friese's production is great; pure, clear and heavy. These young boys have a damn lot of potential"

The album was awarded Metalix' Best Deathcore Album and band themselves were awarded Best New Act. It also recieved awards from many online metal sites.

Touring, Blondes Burn Quicker and The Second Carnage

After the success of Whole Lotta Blood joined Graceland Faith and The Sickness Darkly on Death Flower's North American from late 2003 until early 2004. They also played their own headline tour in 2004 called Blood Godamn Blood Tour 2004, with Andy and Mitchell's older brother Dean's band Doomed Again; which also consists of Mike Endelssen's brother Jeff on bass to join the tour. She's So Dead played in North America (supported by Deathscope), Europe (supported by Angella), Asia (supported by Metroid and Australia (supported by Alice In Slaughterland).

By the time their extensive touring in January 2005; booking studio time with Joe . They recorded an EP, Blondes Burn Quicker, and released it on March 13th 2005, playing a few shows on a minor Burning Blondes Tour, before returning to the studio to record a new album. Dean Thurston was invited to appear on the new record by his brothers. While recording the album, Gabe Saroli had a hand accident in a motorbike accident, and he was forced to put down the guitar until he recovered.


Studio albums



  • 2009: She's Still Dead: Inside She's So Dead DVD

Band members

Current members
Session members

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