Physical characteristics

5'3" tall
brownish blond hair (shoulder length)
blue eyes
24 years old


tends to get impatient
takes care of herself but needs the genuine love of her friends
Would probably die for those friends


Michelle Lynn grew up in orphanages and foster homes until the age of 16 when she moved out on her own. By making good grades in high school, she was able to get scholarships to fully pay for college. The Lord had been leading her toward a certain goal ever since she had received Christ at the age of 8; that was to be a doctor.

After graduation from college she had worked in research lab for 3 years. She had finally been accepted and was ready to start med school when it happened. The Kromagg invasion of her world. She was captured and placed on one of the ships. Here she met Lexie, Gemmin and Lexie2 (aka WA.) Though they were not all from the same world, they formed a strong kindred with each other almost immediately. (Lexie became her closest friend, even gave her the nickname Shelbs.)

After Gemmin turned herself over to the enemy (so she could return home) the remaining 3 vowed to escape and free her from the Kromagg's rule. Somehow (these memories are still a bit foggy ;) they managed to escape but were separated in the process. What has happened since is before you in the ongoing Unsolved Mystery.

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