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Shikyan was a rare species of vampire, second only to the Bastavos



The Shikyans are known for their Pale Skin and Piercing Ice Blue eyes. When a Shikyan child is born the Parents can make a Choice to birth it with a Traditional Shikyan Birth or not. A Traditional Shikyan Birth involves taking the Venom from one or both Parents and injecting it into the New Born infant the moment it is born. This stops the Baby’s Heart and Turns his/her’s Body Cold and His/her’s Hair Black. If the Parents choose not to perform the Traditional Birthing, the Child will simply have the Ice Blue eyes and Pale skin and the Hair color of the Parents.


The Shikyans are said to have evolved from Grim Reapers. They are known as the Vampires of the dead and Rule the afterlife, their Kingdom of Shikyo. Despite being Grim Reapers the Shikyan’s Rule all the Higher Positions of The Godly Monarchy. Once many years ago it was Forbidden for a Shikyan to leave Shikyo and Travel to the ‘World of the living’ However that was soon Broken when Many Shikyans Protested. Soon More and More Shikyans Began Leaving Shikyo.


The Shikyans Follow a Monarchy System in Shikyo, Starting with the King and Queen and going as far as Dukes and Duchesses. The King and Queen are followed by the Shikyan Elders. The Shikyan Elders Usually consists of Five Wiser Shikyans, Normally All Women. The King and Queen of Shikyo are only surpassed by the Goddess of the Universe.


Being the Second Rarest Vampires caught the attentions of Many Vampire hunters. And With more and More Shikyans traveling to the World of the Living the Hunters began pursuing them. Within ten years, Just as King Julian the Third took the Throne of Shikyo, Nearly all the Male Pure Bloods Were Captured and Killed by Hunters. Soon Queen Evolin gave birth to two Twin Boys, Lucien Minamota and Jillian (Kouji) Minamota. The last two Male Shikyans to ever be born.

Protecting the TwinsEdit

Evolin and Julian raised the Twins and their older daughter, Delila, in the Shikyan Palace. They didn’t let their Children Leave the Palace except for with their Parents to go to the Shikyan Village. However, when the twins were about two or three years old, Anya Fray, Evolin's cousin, took Lucien, and altered Julian, Delila and Jillian's memories of him. She only left Evolin's memories in tact, having respect for the fact that she was the boy's mother. Later Anya revealed to her cousin that she took Lucien because she needed him to be a guardian of Pandora's box, along with six other children, all of different species. Evolin wasn't allowed to have any contact with her oldest son what so ever and he grew up unaware of his true family's identity.

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