Shinnok Headshot
Name Shinnok
Universe Mortal Kombat
Status Dead
Species Elder God
Gender Male
Hair Color Unknown
Eye Color White/Green
Affiliation Forces of Discord
Appears in A Conflict Unleashed

The End at Last

Voiced by Ken Lally
"Even after I die, our forces will grow in greater numbers. But all will be lost...if your petulant son finds and kills you, Zeus."
—Shinnok, to Zeus

Shinnok was a former Elder God who desired to rule Earthrealm, but when Kratos merged all of the worlds into one with the powers from Pandora's Box, this gave Shinnok better plans for domination. The fallen Elder God sought a small faction of villains to aid him in his quest for conquest over the combined world, and thus, the Forces of Discord was assembled. He even fought alongside Zeus, who was infected with the evil, Fear, that was released from Pandora's Box, while the other evils plagued the other Gods. Before Shinnok's final plans could succeed, he was killed by Link after a long battle. Shinnok, alongside Zeus, serves as the main antagonist in the Stars of War series.

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