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Died on an Unknown planet in the hands of Powerglide

Physical description





Same as Ironhide

Eye color



100% Robot

Chronological and political information

Transformers Wars


Darth Grievous's Sith Legion
20 Great Demon Generals


Autobot Warrior
Demon General (When Corrupted)

Alternate mode

Triple changer between a MiG and Car (Darth Grievous's Sith Legion)

Cyber Key power class="infoboxcell" style=";

" | None
(When Corrupted) Slayer blades and death Cannons none

Stealth Force Mode


Shockwave was a mighty Autobot Warrior that was a good friend to every Autobot including Optimus Prime until the Demon Sith Lord Darth Grievous has turned him evil with the Dark side. As a demon general that temporary replace Nemesis Prime he wore a big cape and has a scary vehicle mode that can fly and has powers over the undead. He lead an attack on his former friends thus forcing Powerglide to impale his former friend in the chest. After death Shockwaves lifeless body turned black and turns into dark mist that was blown away by the wind.


Being one of the Autobots best soldiers, he was Powerglides best friend and partner. He helped liberate many planets like Hypori, Yavin 4 and even Naboo. He fought alongside many autobots and liberated many prisoners from the legions on Teth. He partner up with Arcee several times to battle the magnaguards and used their droid bodies as stepping stones to cross an acid lake and saved an injured cliffjumper.

Turning to evil

"Arise my evil secret weapon! Arise Shockwave!

By your will evil Darth Grievous. I live to serve. Let anyone who oppose the Dark Sombrero Lord feel the wrath of the Legion!"

—Darth Grievous upon Shockwaves rebirth into the Legion[src]
The beginning of Shockwave's transformation into an evil Villain

Darth Grievous overpowers Shockwave and wrap him up in a web like cocoon

In a climatic battle he worked with Powerglide fending off an Undead army attack until Darth Grievous's Undead Dragons captures him. Shockwave was bought to Darth Grievous's fortress and Shockwave fights the evil cape wearing monster but Darth Grievous overpowers him and then spat a strange gooey substance on Shockwave. Shockwave tries to get it off him but it covered him quickly and then wrap him in a web-like cocoon until Shockwave cannot escape and was infected with the Evilifier Virus. During his rest in the Cocoon he uses his magical powers to summon various Autobots to his location and his soul gets drained in his transformation. Many had tried to rescued the Autobot captive from his transformation into a cape wearing bad guy but they failed. Warpath tried to do a land assault by leading autobot cars to rescue him but was forced to retreat. Later Ultra Magnus tried to do the rescuing but Shockwave hatched from the evil cocoon and lead the attack on magnus. Shockwave told magnus that he serves evil forever and let magnus retreats but warned him to never oppose the sith ever again. After defeating Magnus Shockwave swore his eternal loyalty to Darth Grievous and bowed before his evil sombrero wearing cape wearing dark sombrero lord and was ordered to kill Powerglide. He became a demon general and a triple changer that replaces the deceased Demon Generals and he admired his superiors power. When Shockwave returns to the Autobot flyers Powerglide was glad that his best friend to be back but his joy turns into bitter sorrow when Shockwave showed he turned evil with Red eyes and summoned an undead army to defeat the Autobot Jets. In order to protect the universe Powerglide had to kill Shockwave before he gets out of control. Shockwaves body later turns black and his body crumbled as the wind blows his remains away thus leaving only his sword for Powerglide to take.
Shockwaves death

Shockwaves death

Powers and abilities

As an Autobot he was known to transform into a Car which is armed with many machine guns. He was an excellent fighter with a lightsaber and was also good at beating up other Transformers and Sith troopers. He was strong with the force and was brave and was an excellent telepath and martial art ace. During his rest in the chrysalis he uses his powers to bring autobots to his location but none of the autobots were able to save him from his transformation.

As a Demon General he can teleport by wrapping his cape around him to shield himself or teleport. He is a great martial art expert and he was known to summon undead creatures like Undead dragons, undead freaks, skeleton creatures and zombies. Shockwaves demon general alternate mode is a triple changer as a MiG and car.

Personality and traits

As a good guy he cared about saving innocent life forms and he was Powerglides best friend since he and Powerglide been through alot together. While in the chrysalis he had telepathic powers to contact Autobots but none of the Autobots were able to save him from the side of darkness. As a corrupted Cape wearing demon general he became power hungry and ruthless and evil and more aggressive that he will even kill his friend Powerglide and the Autobots.

Physical appearence

shockwave looks like the G1 shockwave only he turns into a car.

As he turned evil he wore a large cape and has one big red eye, he looks like a Meterax from Sonic X mostly a homage and parody of Dark Oak except his cape is not two halfs of a cape but a full undamaged cape and he transforms into a triple changer between a car and a mig.


Demon General Shockwave dies the same way Dark Templars died.

Shockwaves transformation to evil is similar to Kerrigans infestation, Lucas transformation into Dark Oak, Danny Phantom becoming Dark Danny Phantom, Chase Youngs transformation to evil and Knuckle Joes Fathers transformation to evil.

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