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Shukai Tegotae Adventure is a very rare case,being a Mangaka-style comic which has turned an animated television series in Japan,which was written and designed by western writers.Shukai Tegotae Adventure,or widely and commonly referred to as STA in abbreviation features a long running japanese-style anime which follows the written plot of mangaka style comic written by Mishima Touge and a group of his colleagues.STA is aired in japan alongside that of Naruto Shippuden,Bleach,Gintama and many more.Despite being written by western writers,it does infact feature japanese voice actors,culture,and style within it.

Story Outline

STA tells both a dark,gritty and dramatic aswell a light-hearted and soft story which is full of battles,struggles,horror,comedy,gore and just about every other kind of genre of storytelling.It focuses on a group of teenage boys who are incidentally forced into a reality where japanese manga and anime exists.At first it seems semi-slice of life,with occassional battles and struggles,with alot of slapstick comedy and otherwise,but things get serious throughout the first few arcs.

The general story is about the Vessel of Orphan a human medium or host who has inherited the omniverses mightiest of powers seemingly incidentally.Amongst the group of teenagers is this vessel,Jordan Mikomi.An inexplicable amount of time before the series actually begins,it is shown that an evil and malicious force of intergalactive super warriros who identify themselves as the black ambition appear in all branches of the omniverse and begin laying waste to all in their way,making their goal of world domination clear.However,four warriors from just as many seperate dimensions in which are being attacked by the ambition fight against,anf ultimately vanquish the evil forces,driving them back into the heart of the omniverse.

Characters & Seiyuu

Isshin Chiba as Ricky Weiss.

Mitsuaki Madono as Joshua Cheshire.
Daisuke Sakaguchi as Richard Dennison.

Nakai Kazuya as Jordan Shepard/Seiten Taisei.

Openings & Endings

Season 1 Opening

Season 1 Ending

Season 2 Opening

Season 2 Ending