Shutter is a 2013 American remake of the 2008 American horror film of the same name. The remake was directed by Masayuki Ochiai, and was released on 2013.


When Jason Chance goes to tokyo japan for job when suddenly he met an girl named Megan who is Megumi's Twin and after they met his friends starts being killed in even gruesome ways.



Ryan Merrimanas Jason Chance

Megumi Okina as Megan Tanaka

Alyson Hannigan as Madison Chance

Matthew Lillard as Travis

Neve Campbell as Rochelle

Katie Cassidy as Sarah

Chelan Simmons as Amber

Crystal Lowe as Heather

Logan Browning as Ami

Britt Robertson as Brynn

Chris Evans as Kevin

Chuck Norris as Officer Grimes

Nico Tortorella as Bob

Jesse Moss as Ryan

Nicholas D'Agosto as Chuck

Arlen Escarpata as Robbie


Madison Chance


Megan Tanaka - Hungs Self after she heard the new about her twin sister's suicide.

Ryan - Bob's car explode killing him, Bob and Chuck.

Bob - His car explode killing him, Chuck and Ryan.

Chuck - Bob's car explode killing him, Bob and Ryan.

Ami - Killed after Megan bashed her face on mirror and beats her with chair.

Brynn - Electrouced after Megan makes an radio fell on her bathtub.

Robbie - Hitten by a car driven by Megan.

Rochelle - Possessed by Megan and Slits her own throat.

Sarah - Drowned after Megan pulls her to a lake.

Heather - Killed after Travis became out of control which causing their car bashed on a tree.

Travis - Killed after he became out of control which causing their car bashed on a tree.

Amber - Killed after Megan pushed her on a railing causing her to be Electouced.

Officer Grimes - Killed after Megan sets his office on fire.

Jason Chance - Drinks Poison to stop Megan killing his wife.

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