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Died on Ilum from Darth Grievous

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same as Sunstreaker

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100% Robot

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Cyber Key power class="infoboxcell" style=";

" | Increases firepower and accuracy Activate multiple weapons around his car mode

Stealth Force Mode

Activate multiple weapons around his car mode

Although nearly as capable as his twin brother Sunstreaker in the combat arts, Sideswipe is far less cold-blooded about it. He thoroughly relishes engaging an opponent in a fight to the finish, and will use any dirty underhanded tactic he can think of to come out on top. Back on his homeworld of Cybertron this conduct extended itself to the rest of his lifestyle: getting what he can out of life, enjoying it to the fullest, and cheating to get the rest. His exile to Earth hasn't changed his behavior, just his cause - now instead of doing everything for himself he does it for the sake of freedom for all. Personal safety takes a backseat to his reckless, but brave actions.

Sideswipe shot at Darth Grievous many times with a blaster gun but it didn't work when Darth Grievous shields himself with his cape. Sideswipe died on the planet Ilum with his brother Sunstreaker in the hands of Darth Grievous when the demon sith lord used the dark side to murder the Autobot.

His body was later placed in the Autobot Mausoleum in honor of one of the Transformers that died during the Transformers Wars.


In Autobot mode, Sideswipe's two arms can be used as piledrivers. Each exerts 8000 pounds of force upon impact with up to five impacts per second, making him particularly useful in close combat and for breaking through fortifications. A rocket back-pack can sustain him in the air for two minute spurts before refueling is necessary. When launched, two shoulder-mounted magnesium phosphorous flares can each be seen from a distance of 18 miles on a clear night. Like Sunstreaker Sideswipe is known to do the Jet judo technique for taking on flying Seekers.


Sideswipes death was similar to The Starscream from Transformers Armada but the only difference is Starcream blasted his beam cannons upward while Sideswipe blasted his missile blasters foward and Starscream died from Unicrons lightning while Darth Grievous blasted black energy blasts at sideswipe but only one of his car doors survived.

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