Silent Night, Deadly Night is an upcoming 2011 American Horror Remake of the original 1984 contraversially spanned horror slasher film of the same name. The film is to be written by Anthony Jawinski and David Nicholls and be directed by David Foster. The film is to star Nadia Bjorlin, Kristen Bell, Mehcad Brooks, Zachary Bennett, Philip Barantini, Jessica Bohrs, Michelle Williams, Margot Kidder, Angelica Huston, Wes Bentley, Kathy Bates and Matthew Gray Gubler.


On Christmas Night, 1971 little boy Billy Chapman and his parents visit Grandfather Chapman at the Mental Institution he now lives at following his stroke breakdown last December 24th.

Once there Grandfather Chapman seriously frightens Billy by telling him Santa Claus to be nothing other than a fiend responsebile for tearing families apart in bloody fashion.

That night Billy with his parent's on the long drive home meet a criminal dressed in a menacing Santa Costume who proceeds to Savagley beat his father to death and then rape and stab his mother to death.

The man then whispers something in Billy's ear before proceeding to cut his arm.
Meanwhile back at the Chapman house Billy's younger brother Tommy is staring out his bedroom window waiting for his family to return home.

The scene then comes an 18 Year Old almost catatonic Billy living in a Orphanage run by the tyrannical and strict Mother Superior.

Tommy Chapman Billy's brother is adopted leaving Billy at the orphanage.

Billy eventually decides to depart from the Orphanage now he is the consenting age and accepts a work offer from an attractive young 18 year old girl to work in a Christmas Supply Store.

There after a long day of work Billy is set off as the man who had killed his parents when he was only a little boy and left a horrible scar on his arm enters the store in a Santa Claus costume.

Billy then that night finds the address of his parent's killer and pays him a visit.

He brutally kills the the murder via multiple impalements with a large ceramic pole.

The following day the man's murder spreads all across the town.

The store propietor Mrs. Randall decides to close the store early that day.

By night whilest Billy is walking along the street alone he catches eye of two young people breaking into the store.

He then recognises the two to be former orphans at the orphanage he was at that had engaged in sexual intercourse in front of him and been caught by Mother Superior.

He then kills the two inside the store and stitches them together before placing their bodies on display in the store.

The following day the authorities overtake the store.

The police cannot seem to find any evidence which may point towards a suspect.

However an anonymous call comes in that night from what sounds to be an elderley woman who claims she know who murdered the two youths.

Billy however intercepts the call and recognises the voice of that on an old woman Irlene whom he served at the store one day.

He then travels to her home and kills her.

Following the murder of the two teens Mrs. Randall decides to close the Christmas Supply Store.

She telephones all employees about the sad matter and says she will allow them to have a resignation farewell party in the store.

The employees all rush over with alchohol and light up the store with decorations.

Once Billy receives the call he immediatley calls the pretty woman whom had told him of the job and whom he has a big crush on.

She states she'll be there.

Billy arrives late and happens upon the woman with an employee Mark who is forcing his drunk himself on her.

He assists and kills Mark to keep him away from her.

She however becomes shocked and revolted at what Billy has done and yells at him.

He reflects on Mother Superior's treatment of him and then on impulse stabs her.

She however does not die from the stab wound and however goes running down the aisle to come to the others.

He however catches up with brandishing a large Christmas Light rope and wraps it around her throat.

He pulls so violently hard that he snaps her head backwards.

He then throws the two bodies at the other partying employees and kills them in various chaos.

Mrs. Randall after talking with the Town Sheriff Regarding of the closing of her shop following the two murders heads for the store to join the party.

She get's there and finds all the propped up bodies of the employees.

Mrs. Randall is then chased by Billy who grabs her and throws her through the sliding glass front doors killing her.

The police are then notified with the glass smash as it intiates the store alarm.

Billy then hears the muffling of a employee who is still alive covered in blood in the corner.

He walks over to him and places his axe in his hand and put's his costume on him after making him direct a pistol at himself and take his own life.

The police then close the case as the shot employee must of been the killer.

Billy goes on a rampage from them taking out the recepit list for all the customers that night.

He finds the names of six teenagers who are inevitably planning a Christmas Party and two adults.

He kills the first of the teens Jessica Linorie who is hitchiking her way home after father left her on the side of the highway and drove off without her.

Billy in the car of his parent's murderer picks up Jessica and kills her.

He then kills a an obese red headed woman on the list named Mrs. Creedle.

He kills her in her home as one of the other people on his list Tamara is next door changing.

Next a red-headed female on his list named Amanda is killed on house roof while trying to scrub out the blocked chimney.

Next the only other adult on the list Craig Hoffman who is staying at his brother's house for christmas along with his brother's wife and son Tommy.

Billy drops down through the chimney into the Hoffman house and kills Craig via a shotgun blast to the face right in front of Tommy Hoffman who is stowed away on the staircase.

Craig's brother and Tommy's dad then awakes and head's downstairs only to be beaten in the face to death by Billy brandishing a baseball bat.

Tommy's mom then awakes and heads down where attempts to get Tommy out.

She succeeds in pushing Tommy out the front door but fails to get herself out as Billy grabs hold of her.

Billy swings her back anf forth of the walls severley wounding her but is stopped from finishing her off as she grounds herself and knees him off.

She then runs into a stairway closet and barricades herself in.

Billy however discovers her location and pushes a table right through the door and into her.

Cutting her in half at the waist as the table pins her on the wall of the cupboard.

Billy then opens the front door for Tommy who has been banging on it frequently wanting to get in.

Billy then whispers in Tommy's ear before drawing out a knife on him.

The police come to find Tommy Hoffman at the front doorstep with a cut arm.

Billy then moves onto the McDonnelly twin teens on his list who are out tobboginning on a snow covered forest hill.

They are decapitated with an axe at the same time.

Billy then takes aim at the final four teens on his list: Jennifer, Whitney, Paul and Tamara.

The Christmas party which was to be planned by the teens is happening at Jennifer's house with only Whitney and Paul there with her.

Tamara is still at home getting ready and trying to get hold of her Sheriff Dad.

Billy soon enters Jennifer's house and kill's her stepfather Jonathen in the house kitchen via slicings direcred from a clever.

Billy then comes to Jennifer's mother Diane whom he kills with a hook stab and slice to the face.

Tamara then finally get's into her car and heads off to Jennifer's house for the party.

Billy back at Jennifer's house then kills Jennifer who is dancing before an old record player which he knocks her onto causing the back of head to be sliced away on the larhe Silent Night record disc playing.

Billy then heads upstairs and watches as Whitney is having sex with Paul.

He remembers the two youths he killed who were at the orphanage having sex before being caught by Mother Superior.

He then steps away from the crack open door.

Whitney comes downstairs and enters the lounge room where she is pushed onto a Deer Head Antler by Billy.

Paul then comes downstairs after hearing scuffling noises downstairs.

He is killed after discovering the bodies of Whitney, Jennifer, Diane and Jonathen.

He is killed at the back door trying to open it with stab to the neck which goes straight through the locked door.

Tamara then arrives at the party and upon approaching the front door rummages through her handbag realizing she's forgotten something.

She then get's back in her car and heads back to her house, unaware that Billy is watching her from Jennifer's house window.

The police along with Tamara's Sheriff Dad then come to Jennifer's home and discover the bodies.

Tamara's dad becomes worried as this house was one she was meant to be at with countless others for a party.

He then rushes off in his patrol car bound for his house.

There Tamara heads upstairs and grabs the present she had left up in her room.

She looks across at Mrs. Creedle's window and notices a red spatter on the glass.

She then heads over and knocks on her door.

The door suddenly opens for her and she enters.

There after heading upstairs and discovering Mrs. Creedle's Body she is attacked by Billy.

Tamara escapes the house via jumping out the Balcony Window and climbing onto the roof.

Billy catches up with her just as Tamara's father arrives at the scene.

Tamara's father fires at Billy who has taken hold of Tamara right in front of Mrs. Creedle's chimney.

Tamara then overtakes Billy and attempts to strangle him with a rope of Christmas lights from Mrs. Creedle's roof.

Billy however upon falling into the chimney pulls Tamara along too and the two go spiralling down into the fireplace of Mrs. Creedle's living room.

Tamara hops out and places the glass case on the fireplace before lighting it.

Billy then smashes through the glass fireplace case armed with axe and utters to Tamara in his last dying breath "This Is All Wrong."

The scene then shows flashes of dozens of Police Cars coming up a highway and then finally Billy's brother Tommy sitting awestruck after watching the news report about his brother's death.

The last moments show him afterward look out his bedroom window at the boy Tommy Hoffman who is revealed to be his neighbour surrounded by police.


  • Nadia Bjorlin as Tamara Nincott
  • Kristen Bell as Pamela Queen
  • Mehcad Brooks as David Finnlayson/ Rapist Employee
  • Zachary Bennett as Thomas "Tommy" Chapman
  • Phillip Barantini as Sam/ Ellie and Jim Chapman's murderer
  • Jessica Bohrs as Jennifer Lane
  • Michelle Williams as Whitney Everrhart
  • Margot Kidder as Mrs. Randall
  • Angelica Huston as Mother Superior
  • Kathy Bates as Mrs. Creedle
  • Matthew Gray Gubler as William "Billy" Chapman
  • Julie Gonzalo as Amanda Keating
  • Daryl Hannah as Diane Lane
  • Garry Robbins as Jonathen
  • Willa Ford as Ellie Chapman
  • Tony Goldwyn as Jim Chapman
  • Linda Porter as Old Lady Helga
  • Jeremy Jackson as Clark Geevle/ Teen From Orphanage
  • Stephanie Jacobsen as Julia Luxford/ Teen from Orphanage
  • Rachel Nichols as Jessica Linorie
  • Ben Savage as Paul Tate
  • Wes Bentley as Jack Hoffman
  • Ali Hillis as Fiona Hoffman
  • Gerry Mendicino as Craig Hoffman
  • Fred Gallo as Grandfather Chapman

Death Sequences

  1. Jim Chapman
  2. Ellie Chapman
  3. Sam
  4. Clark Geevle
  5. Julia Luxford
  6. Old Lady Helga
  7. David Finnlayson
  8. Pamela Queen
  9. Various Employees
  10. Mrs. Randall
  11. Framed Employee
  12. Jessica Linorie
  13. Mrs. Creedle
  14. Amanda Keating
  15. Craig Hoffman
  16. Jack Hoffman
  17. Fiona Hoffman
  18. Jonathen
  19. Diane Lane
  20. Jennifer Lane
  21. Whitney Everrhart
  22. Paul Tate
  23. Billy Chapman

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