Harry Potter: Harry is sorted into Slytheren. Year One.


"Slythren", the Sorting Hat yelled, and Harry's heart skipped a beat. He looked over, and saw his first best friend, Ron Weasley, was glaring at him.

In Fact, the whole Gryffindor Table was glaring at him. As if it is my fault that i'm sorted into Slytheren. Hell, i might as well ignore them.

That was what he did. He handed the hat over to McGonagall, and walked over to the end of the table. The Slytheren's were all in shock, and didn't even talk to him.

Harry looked over to the teachers. Hagrid, his other best friend that was an adult, wasn't looking at him. Albus Dumbledore was best keeping his polite happy face, but Harry knew deep down, that Dumbledore was disapointed in him.

Then, Harry had a sudden thought that made his blood chill. He wasn't going to have any friends. Ron Weasley wasn't his friend anymore.

Dumbledore stood up, after the last of first years were sorted.

"Welcome, to another year at Hogwarts. I'm going to say that the third corridor is forbidden", he said, and several gasps were heard.

"And also, that the Forbidden Forest, is of that. It is Forbidden". Harry ignored the rest of the speach, and the feast apeared.

Harry had a steak pie with massed tatties. He sipped his orange juice when someone walked up to him. "Hello Potter. I believe we got on the wrong sort at the beginning".

Harry turned around, and saw Draco Malfoy. He was holding his hand, and looked as if he wanted Harry to shake it.

Harry just turned around, and finished his dinner. Malfoy walked away, in a huff obviously.

The Feast was over, and two prefects stood up. There was George Standring and Maria Gold. They led them to the dungeons, where the Slytheren Dormitry was.

George turned to the first years. "The password, to this very wall", he pointed at the wall in front of them, "Is Pureblood".

The Wall disapeared, brick by birck, and the Slytheren's walked in.

Harry looked around, and saw that they were underground. Harry saw the black lake, which was casting shadows up in the ceiling, which made it like a Gothic Mansion.

Harry walked to his Dorm, and saw Six Rooms of his roomates. Harry saw his name, and opened the door. When he walked in it, he heard a female voice say.

"Make You're own Password", the voice said. Harry turned to the door. "Dudley is a Pig", he said, and he heard the female voice say, "Change Password Once A Month".

Harry walked to his bed, and saw Hedwig and his trunk. "Hello Hedwig. You can go hunting if you want for the night", Harry said.

Hedwig hooted, and Harry opened the window. Hedwig flew over into the night sky, and Harry smiled despite himself. At least he had a true friend.

Chapter One: Potions and HagridEdit

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