The Sith Star is a superweapon/Space Station that the Sith Legion uses to terrorize planets. It
Sith Star

The Sith Star attacking two planets while Autobot ships try to stop it.

is armed with many battlestation weapons to tear up cruiser fleets, alot of starfighters, two super evil planet killing superlasers coming out of the eyes and finally travels the same speed as the normal death star.


The Sith Star was created at the beginning of the Transformers Wars when Darth Grievous needed a weapon to get planets to obey Darth Grievous's evil orders under the threat of annihilation. Skyfire and Breakaway had to evacuate as many innocents as they can off from two planets because no weapon they have can stop its twin superlasers. It later on help attack Cybertron and the only way to destroy it is by sending an autobot commando team to destroy the ship providing the Sith Star its shields and then the Autobot flyers including their new recruit Ace Jetstream fly into the tunnels and blow up the core and escape. Darth Grievous worked on another Sith Star project this time located orbiting Korriban but it was destroyed by Autobot Battlecruisers and Star Destroyers.


This thing resembles the Dark Lasers Death Ball only it has Darth Grievous's head instead of Dark Lasers head and it also wore an evil sombrero. It launches endless waves of Sith Starships and also serves as a Death Trooper nesting grounds where POWs and innocent creatures are transformed into monsters.


This thing is a parody of Dark Lasers Death Ball and the Death Star.

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