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story Edit

Dragon save his forest friends unitel the heaven puish dragon with lighting and the get biiger and evil in ice mountail but our hero is that 6 year old skunk.

startin playable charactersEdit

  • skunk-age:16,super attcak:huge frat
  • fox-age:27,super attcak:growl
  • rabbit-age:35,super attcak:dig and punch

unlockable palyable charactersEdit

  • hedgehog-age:40,super attcak:hiss and tune into ball, how to unlock him is clear the art of attitude
  • cat-age:20,super attcak:hiss and scarcth, how to unlock her is clear the art of art and the art of crush
  • panda-age:80,super attcak:bamboo stick throw, how to unlock him is clear the art of tutle wachting
  • owl-age:13,super attcak:peel down the enemies skin and eat,how to unlock is clear the art of begin lazy and the art of deram control

the art ofsEdit

  • normal the art of skunk fu
  • costumzie the art of skunk fu

flea's buying shopEdit

  • tip aka hint
  • characters
  • movie
  • costumzie character parts

Game systemEdit

  • Nintendo 3DS

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