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" | Powers up his big rifle arms himself with powerful defensive turrets on his body

Stealth Force Mode

arms himself with powerful defensive turrets on his body

With a reckless daring that comes from being the swiftest of all the Autobots, Skyfire is the most eager of his comrades to plunge into battle. But his bravado is tempered by one overriding thought: he sincerely believes that victory over the Decepticons can only come through advancements in Autobot technology. As the first of a new generation of Autobots such a credo is perhaps only natural. Also, because he was created on Earth, Skyfire is one of the few Autobots who has no memory of his home planet. His allegiance to his cause is only matched by his devotion to scientific research.

Skyfire along with Breakaway were the first two Transformers to be step in the Star Wars Universe by passing another dimension.

Skyfire was injured by the powers of Darkness from Darth Grievous's Dark blast shots on his leg but survived.

Skyfire was one of many jet transformers that were beaten up by an upgraded Starscream.

During the battle of Korriban he was deeply injured by Darth Grievous's SIth Magic and was forced to head back for repairs at the Ark.

At the end of the Transformers Wars Skyfire was hailed as a hero and was doing an air show above Coruscant with Powerglide and Tracks.

Dark Future

In Darth Grievous's evil vision of the future Skyfire was shot down and killed by Starscream and his jet armada during the Autobots last stand against the sith. An Autobot saw his demise and cried "Skyfire! No!" And the Autobot flyers last words were "No! I'm sorry guys. I failed....".


In jet-fighter mode, Skyfire's unique swing-wing design allows him to take off like a normal jet and then, pulling his wings back, reach speeds of up to Mach 4.2. Adding twin supersonic combustion ramjet (i.e. scramjet) engine modules along with twin liquid hydrogen fuel tanks allows Skyfire to achieve orbital velocities, or to even escape Earth's gravity altogether. With this capability, he can launch like a missile, shoot up above the atmosphere, and, at a speed of Mach 29, dive down like a blazing meteor (hence his name) half a world away only 30 minutes later. In robot and jet mode, he is equipped with four independently targetable particle beam cannons around his head and eight heat-seeking armor-piercing missiles.

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