Skywalker Industries
Organizational information

Anakin Skywalker

Led by
  • Anakin Skywalker (President and Chief Architect)
  • Luke Skywalker (CEO and Associate Architect)
  • Leia Organa Solo (Chairman)
  • Han Solo (Chief Engineer)
Parent organization


  • Skywalker Starship Division
    • Skywalker Spacedocks
  • Skywalker Weapons Division
    • Skywalker Weapons Development Labs
  • Skywalker Computer Division
    • Skywalker Computer Development Labs
  • Skywalker Engine Technology Division
  • Skywalker Communications Technology Division
  • Skywalker Droids-Construction Division
    • Skywalker Droid Construction Facilities
  • Coruscant (Headquarters)
  • Tatooinne
  • Alderaan
  • Corellia
Primary role(s)
  • Scientific and military research and development
  • Weapons research and development
  • Computer research and development
  • Communications equipment research and development
Major products

19 BMY


Imperial era

  • Galactic Empire
    • Imperial Navy
    • Imperial Army
  • United Federation of Planets

Skywalker Industries is a well-known family-owned corporation, specializing in the construction and development of electronics, starship components, droids and androids, computers, engine technology, and weapons technology (including lightsabers). The corporation's products are praised for their efficency, quality, simplicity, and low-costs. One of the largest corporations in the Universe, Skywalker Industries was one of four companies who constructed the Orange Star (alongside the Imperial Department of Scientific and Military Research, Federation Fleet Systems, and Youngian Industries). Components of the Orange Star constructed specfically by the corporation include the Station's sublight engines, navigational matrix, hyperspace generators, other navigational systems, holographic systems, and tractor beam generators.

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