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Assasin/Teleporting Air Warrior

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F-15 Eagle
F-22 Raptor (When upgraded)

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" | Activate twin lightsaber blades from his retractable hands Armed with extra missiles

Stealth Force Mode

Armed with extra missiles

For his heroic Counterpart see Skywarp (SG)

Skywarp is an evil Seeker jet and a feared one from the planet Cybertron. He is an expert assassin and struck fear into the hearts of Autobots by killing various high rank officers with his teleporting abilities. His strategy of an ambush against the Autobots resulted in many Autobots got wiped out on the planet Endor. He had problems dealing with enemies like Jetfire, Wheeljack, Jazz, Ratchet and Jetstorm which both of Skywarps enemies are to tough for him. After some upgrades the sneakiest Seeker can now turn into an F-22 Raptor. Skywarp went into exile after the Transformers Wars.


Skywarp is the sneakiest of all Seekers. Enjoys playing cruel pranks on fellow Seekers and appearing out of nowhere to attack Autobots. Not too smart. Would be useless without Starscream's supervision.

Long time ago Skywarp had learned Thundercracker saved New York from a nuclear bomb dropped by Tankor. Furious at his fellow Seeker's betrayal, he ignored Thundercracker's arguments and shot him point blank in the face and then deactivate him afterwards. Starscream later reactivate Thundercracker and Skywarp to fight for conquest of the universe.

Skywarp and the Seekers had enslaved millions of innocent lives, killed millions of Autobots and finally destroyed almost anything that stood in his way. He had used his teleporting powers to get the drop on his enemies and he also used his Heatseeker missiles to destroy many opposing aircraft.

He Attempts to retake Christophsis after Thundercrackers defeat but his invasion force was sent packing when the Autobot Venator Star Destroyers came by to ambush Skywarps Sith Battleships. He fled the Star System by teleporting back to Korriban.

Skywarp was a deadly assassin and struck fear into the hearts and sparks to many Autobots and Jedi. He ambushed and destroyed a fleet of Venator and Acclamators, he defeated many Autobots head on, he slayed many Jedi and finally he almost help the Sith capture Cybertron. Skywarp is also partners with Starscream and Thundercracker and often attacks in his jet mode.

Skywarp had many problems with the Autobot Commanders Jetfire, Jazz and Jetstorm and often gets shot down by the elite Autobots.

After loosing many battles Skywarp was upgraded with many weapons and upgrades including an F-22 Raptor mode.

After he gets upgraded Skywarp, Thundercracker, Darth Grievous, Gigatron and Starscream were the evil machines that then defeated Optimus Prime and the other Autobot leaders and then stole the matrix of leadership in episode 25.

He even ordered the Predacons to combine into Predaking on Dantooine but even his teleporting did not help him defeat the Autobots.

At the end of the final episode of season 3 Skywarp like the other Seekers went into exile after being defeated by the Aerialbots.

Dark Future

In Darth Grievous's evil vision of the future Skywarp attacked the Autobots during their last stand and the evil forces won. Skywarp was turned into a trophy while in his F-15 eagle mode so Darth Grievous can remember his act of being more loyal than screamer.

Powers and Abilities

Skywarp can reach a top speed of 1500 mph. But what makes him unique is his ability to instantly teleport himself a maximum distance of 2.5 miles. He also carries a heat-seeking missile launcher, cluster bombs, lasers and a variable-caliber machine gun.

He can turn his hands into lightsabers by retracts his hands, and an emitter for the energy sabers projects the blade.

Skywarp is an ace assassin teleporting behind his foes and enemies and slayed them or blasted them to pieces.

After being upgraded with some deadlier technology he now transforms into an F-22 Raptor.

Personality and traits

Skywarp is a cheap and dirty thug who takes simple joy in catching friend and foe alike unaware. Though he's too lazy to be an effective warrior without direct supervision, he puts immeasurable into planning the pranks he pulls on whichever unfortunate target wanders into his sensor net. He'd rather lounge around on the airstrip than fight, but he's always ready to slash a few tires. He often used Banshees and Stalkers and he did one time played against an Autobot in an online match without knowing who he played against.


Henkei Skywarp

Skywarp Toy

  • Accessories: 2 missile launchers (left and right), 2 missiles

Henkei! Henkei! Skywarp is a redeco of Henkei! Henkei! Starscream. He features a colour scheme similar to his Generation 1 cartoon appearance. Henkei Skywarp and his fellow Seeker Henkei! Henkei! Thundercracker were released in September, 2008 as an exclusive through Toy Hobby Market.

Soon after release, there were numerous complaints from both Japanese and Western collectors about the poor quality control for both Thundercracker and Skywarp. Skywarp's most common fault was missing paint for one of his shoulders. Some reported both toys suffering misassembly issues such as having two left or two right thighs.

Several minor changes were made to this mold for this release. The holes for his missile launchers in his arms were widened, as were the launcher's insertion pegs. The wing's missile launcher insertion points were lengthened and are now curved at the end. The last rectangle on his air intakes, was further modified from the Classics version this time the bottom most rectangle goes completely across the air intake's surface rather than just the center. Henkei Thundercracker and Universe Starscream also saw most of these changes.

Revenge of the Fallen


Skywarps F-22 Alternate mode

Skywarp is a Walmart exclusive redeco of Thundercracker, who was a retool of the original Voyager-class Starscream toy with a new head. Cast in black and purple plastic homaging Generation 1 Skywarp, he transforms into a Lockheed-Martin F-22 Raptor fighter jet. As with Starscream, this vehicle mode is ridiculously inaccurate. Pushing the fighter along a smooth surface causes the barrels of his gigantic spring-loaded Gatling missile launchers to rotate and fire their projectiles, which can also be stored in the black flip-up braces on the launchers.
During transformation, pushing up upon the canopy fuselage piece activates Skywarp's Automorphing gimmick which pushes panels out of the torso, wings and stabilizers. In robot mode, his projectile missiles are sculpted to resemble fingers, should users choose keep them loaded while Skywarp is in robot mode.
The original mold of this toy was also used to make Revenge of the Fallen Ramjet.

Universe (2008)


Masterpiece Skywarp toy

A Wal-Mart exclusive redeco of the original Masterpiece Starscream mold. Just like Starscream, Skywarp is able to switch between two different faces. This release uses the standard stoic face and Starscream's smirking alternate face rather than the Takara Masterpiece Skywarp's newly-tooled snarling face. The toy also features a more G1 toy styled deco rather than cartoon-based, particularly in the yellow eye color and wing stripes. His purple more closely matches that of the original toy than the purple used on the Takara version, and features a lighter flat black, like the original toy, instead of Takara's darker glossy black. The Hasbro version replaces some of the dark gray of the Takara version with a dark silver, removes the arm and chest striping, but adds additional red detailing, while removing some as well. Much like Hasbro's Starscream, he does not feature any of the warning or slogan tampographs, but features tampographed striping, Decepticon symbols, and some additional paint details not present on the Takara version.
The tiny Doctor Arkeville pilot figurine (molded in black with no paint applications) is also included, as well as a clasp for jet-mode Skywarp to hold the gun-mode Megatron that came with Masterpiece Convoy/20th Anniversary Optimus Prime and a stand (featuring Skywarp's name) with a support beam for jet or robot mode.

Dark of the Moon

  • Skywarp (MechTech Deluxe, August 2011)
    • Japanese ID number: DD10
    • Accessories: 2 MechTech Guns/Swords
Dark of the Moon Skywarp is a redeco of Dark of the Moon MechTech Deluxe Starscream. His incredibly flexible arms have joints at the shoulder, in the middle of the upper arm, elbow, and wrist, allowing them to neatly fold up for transformation, as well as scratch his own back. His two guns combine to form a double bladed weapon that's way taller than he is. He is also one of the few Deluxe figures to have a MechTech weapon that can remain locked in both modes.
This mold was also used to make Dark of the Moon Thundercracker.

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