Slasher College Roadtrip IV: Blood Lake is the 2002 sequel to the 2000 horror film Slasher College Roadtrip III: Death Thrill, and the fourth in total of the Slasher College Roadtrip series. It is set at a fictional lake, where students from Masschussetts University attend for their summer break. Lisa, the protagonist from the first and second films returns as a counselor. The film was more well recieved than its predecessor as it involved characters from the original films.


After surviving the murders of her friends in Texas and the return of the killer at Massachussetts University, Lisa (the protagonist of the first two films) decides to take a job as a camp counselor. After leaving for the camspite she meets up with the camp instructors: Bill Brenton and Margaret MacKinley, and the ranger Jeff. The three travel to the campsite, a popular lake. When they arrive Lisa meets with her group (Josie, Mary, Mark, Pete, Marty, Liza, Ken, Jordan and Jonny) and takes them to their cabins.

Later that night Jonny tries to hit on Josie, when she tells him to go away and returns to her cabin. Jonny heads to the lake site to vandalise it with his friend Tony. As Tony stands a few metres back Jonny spray paints the row boats saying "Josie is a slut". Meanwhile the killer ambushes Tony and slits his throat. Jonny notices him and runs back to the camp area, belting on people's doors. The killer grabs him just outside the counselor's cabin, where he is impaled through the back of the head with a tent pitcher. The killer leaves just as everyone goes outside to see whats happening. Lisa screams, sensing that the killer has survived. The other counselors and Bill tell the campers to go back to their cabins, and says to Jeff that there's a madman on the loose. Jeff nods and says he is going to catch the murderer. He scours the local forest with fellow rangers Frank and Tim. Using the forest as camouflage the killer murders both Frank and Tim (impales Frank with a machete, breaks Tim's jaw apart with a compressor), the killer catches Jeff after he gets caught in a bear trap. The killer points his machete at Jeff's head, and he pleads for mercy and shouts for help, before the killer stabs him through the skull.

Back at the campsite, Lisa is still convinced the killer has survived. After finding an article online about the murders at the Terror Train 3D amusement park she believes even more that the killer is alive and involved with those murders. She realises that her group may be in terrible danger, and goes to warn Bill. Meanwhile the killer stalks into Bill's cabin, whereupon he shoots the killer with his shotgun. Presuming he is dead, Bill leaves, only to be shot in the back of the head with his own shotgun. Lisa arrives moments later, and after she can't get in pushes the door open. Bill is lying dead on the floor, with a massive hole in the back of his head. She screams, and runs for the telephone, calling 911. The police arrive, lead by Chief Officer Ben Broder, and escort the students and staff back to their cabins. Lisa tries to tell Officer Broder that the camp is still in serious danger, but he insists its nothing the police can't handle. As she returns to her cabin she sees the killer murder two police officers, and runs into her cabin, locking the door. Moments later Officer Broder spots the killer, and runs to her cabin for help. He bangs on the door, and Lisa does'nt open it, convinced it's the killer. Broder is impaled through the door by the killer with a machete, who then breaks into Lisa's cabin. She runs out through the window, whereupon the killer pursues.

Lisa evades him, and instead the killer heads to her group's cabin. Josie, who is outside, is killed first when the killer decapitates her with his machete. Hearing screams, Mark and Pete go outside to see whats going on, whereupon the killer stabs Mark through the chest and impales Pete in the skull with his machete. He then breaks into the cabin as Lisa arrives, and decapitates Marty as he defends himself. Ambushing the killer, Lisa hits him on the head with a chair, presumably knocking him out. She tells Mary, Liza, Ken, and Jordan to leave and head to the nearest city. Lisa leaves shortly after, and the killer recovers. Instead of following Lisa, he tracks the four campers as they make their wake to the nearest city. Ken decides to take Bill's car and drive to the city, but as they prepare to leave the killer attacks him and throws his machete into his back, then slicing the tires. Liza, Mary and Jordan run into the forest, where the killer pursues them. Jordan stumbles upon the archery range, where the killer ambushes him nearby a target and impales him into it with a series of arrows. He then chases Mary, catches her as she tries to escape in one of the boats and stabs her to death. Liza tries to run back to the camp, but the killer catches her also and throws her down the well at the centre of camp. The killer leaves for the junior devision of camp, where he murders the younger campers.

During his absence Margaret, the other counsellor who has just returned from town, helps Liza out of the well, before the killer returns and kills them both, stabbing them to death. He tracks Lisa to the lake and they confront each other, Lisa armed with a batton. When the killer tries to attack her she strikes him across the head and knocks him senseless. The police then arrive at the camp, and it is stated that Lisa was admitted to a mental asylum, possibly the same as Amber Truscott. Back at the campsite, the killer is resusitated and rises with machete in hand.

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