Slasher College Roadtrip is a 1997 slasher horror film directed and written by Rob MacNamara and Jon Stiles. The title is pretty self-explantory, the film features several college students in a cliche horror situation, their car breaks down, they seek help in an abandoned shack and one by one are killed by a deranged serial killer. It spawned a franchise, the Slasher College Roadtrip series and was followed by seven other films: Slasher College Roadtrip II: Homecoming in 1999, Slasher College Roadtrip III: Death Thrill in 2000, Slasher College IV: Blood Lake in 2002, Slasher College V in 2004, Slasher College Roadtrip VI in 2006, Slasher College Roadtrip VII in 2008, and the prequel to the series 2009's Slasher College Roadtrip IX: Resurrection, all directed by Rob MacNamara excluding chapter V and onwards. He returned to direct the series with Slasher College Roadtrip IX: Resurrection.


Seven graduates from Massachussetts University (Ben, Jenni, Dan, Mike, Lisa, Chelsea, and Brett) are heading to Las Vegas to celebrate their graduation. While passing through Texas, the group's van breaks down and they seek refuge in an old shack ran by the caretaker Jack. He welcomes them to stay the night, and says there's a small town nearby. Ben, not really trusting Jack, decides to venture off into the nearby town and try to get help. Once there, Ben stumbles upon a gas station, and enters. He looks around and, after not finding anyone, walks in. He grabs some condoms for later, and some supplies. Meanwhile, back at the cabin, Jenni is getting worried about Ben, until Jack calms her down. He tells the group that Ben should be safe down there, seeing as how it is still light outside. This seems to work on her, while the others are still sceptical. When it turns 7, Jack shows the kids thier rooms, and says that he is leaving to go check on Ben, who has not returned. However, we see that earlier, while leaving, Ben was hit in the head with an axe, killed. Jack discovers the body, and starts turning back, only to be killed himself. At the cabin, the teens are getting comfy. Brett and Chelsea have already begun


The film was re-released in 2002 in selected cinemas to coincide with Slasher College IV: Blood Lake; with an added NC-17 rating due to the inclusion of more high impact violence and coarse language that had been excluded from the original cut, including a scene where 2 other people come, only to be torn apart by the killer. Rob MacNamara commented on the re-release, saying "It gave me a chance to show the kids who watched the movie back in 1997 to see what I wanted to share with the audience".


The film was generally well recieved, and MacNamara's directioral debut was praised. It currently holds an average of 78% Fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes, with the website saying: "MacNamara's debut offers gore-fest college deaths and a villain capable of icon status. Although its not A grade horror, its better than the others out there".

Slasher College Roadtrip

The 2002 re-release garnered an R rating as apposed to the film's original MA rating due to added violence

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