Slasher College Roadtrip II: Homecoming is the 1999 sequel to the 1997 horror film Slasher College Roadtrip, and the second in the overall Slasher College Roadtrip series. It is set at the college from which the students in the original are from. The surviors of the first film (Lisa and Brett) reappear. It grossed around $350,0000 in opening week.


Brett, one of the survivors from the Texas incident, returns to Massachussetts University, taking another year of courses. Meanwhile Lisa has left the area entirely, and now lives in Las Angeles. Brett has finally escaped the murder of his friends in the first film, and hangs out with his girlfriend Brittany, friends Jon, Leroy, Kyle and Trixie. Other characters include the campus coach Mr. Channing, the local jock Brenton, who is secretly sleeping with Brittany, and Lisa's friends Katy and Brodie, and her boyfriend Troy.

After a sucessful football match that night, Coach Channing rounds up the team (consisting of both Brett and Brenton) and congratulates them. After dismissing them he does a routine check, where he sees a figure in the showers. Thinking its a student left behind, he goes in and tells them he needs to lock. The figure turns, and Channing cowers, stepping back slowly. With the shower still running, the killer grabs the shower pump and breaks it, spraying water all over the ground. Channing demands that the man leave, whereupon he impales the coach through the neck with the pump. Channing staggers back, until he falls to his death onto the tiles, and the water on the ground turns the colour of blood. The killer leaves the gymnasium and heads to the cafeteria section of the campus. After saying goodbye to Brett, Brittany secretly visits Brenton's room whereupon they have sex. After, Brenton stays in his room while Brittany goes to the cafeteria to get some food. She enters after noticing the door ajar, and mistakes the killer for the the cafeteria manager. She asks him if he has any food left, when he turns around. She notices that he is not the manager and tries to run, before the killer grabs her from behind and throws her against the wall. Brittany begins to sob for mercy, whereupon the killer grabs her head in his hand and presses her face into the fryer, burning it severely. He pulls her out, and she clutches her burnt face. She screams, unable to see and tries to get up, when the killer throws her forward and impales her against a loose bit of metal. Meanwhile Brett's friend Trixie bursts out of his room, with a bong in his hand and completely high. He stumbles around the corridors, when he notices the killer. Unaware, he runs over to him and says hello. The killer grunts, and then stabs him through the skull with a small knife. Trixie, awaking from his highness, freezes in terror, before he dies. The killer continues on his rampage, killing several other students with various objects (trophies, glass) before he reaches Brenton's room. Brenton, having sex with another girl, tells him to go away when he knocks on the door. The killer then bursts in, and the girl tries to run whereupon he stabs her in the gut. Brenton yells in annoyance, and gets out of the bed completely naked. He starts ranting at the killer, who stares at him, before smashing his skull in with one of his football trophies. Leaving the room he dissapears down a corridor.

The next day teachers are weary of their students after Channing and several others were murdered. At lunch, Jon, who still believes Trixie is alive, goes looking for him. The killer lures him by hanging Trixie's body off a ledge, whereupon Jon runs upstairs to help his friend. The killer then ambushes him. Jon runs, and the killer pursues. As he catches up Jon screams for help, but the killer simply lunges forward and slices his throat. Dumping his body, the killer notices a classroom occupied by a class, of which both Brett and his friend Kyle are attending. After class they part ways and the killer stalks Kyle to his next lesson, before grabbing him and dragging him into a closet, whereupon he breaks his neck. Brett notices that he is not at a party later that night, and begins to suspect something. He calls Lisa and asks her to come to the university. After they united with his friend Leroy and her friends Katy and Brodie, along with her boyfriend Troy, the group devise a plan and believe that the killer from the first film is out for revenge.

After setting up a trap which uses Lisa as bait, the killer is lured out. But the trap goes wrong, and Troy tries to save her when the killer attacks, only to be crushed by the elevator doors. The killer then chases Brodie, who aggravates him, while Lisa stands in the elevator as it descends. The killer catches Brodie and using a school ceremonial spear, impales him and lifts him in the air, before throwing the spear aside. Noticing Leroy and Brett running away, he proceeds to follow them. Katy hides in a nearby bathroom, but the killer finds her and stabs her to death in a cubicle. He then catches Leroy, stabbing him through the heart with a machete. Brett runs downstairs and finds Lisa as she exits the elevator, whereupon they are ambushed by the killer again. Lisa runs, and Brett notices an abandoned motorbike. He climbs on, and takes the spear used to kill Brodie. As Lisa runs, he charges the killer with the spear, but is fatally stabbed with the machete, and flies through the air. He succeeds in impaling the killer with the spear, but also dies. Lisa stands in shock, traumatised even more, as authroities arrive.


Homecoming received mixed to poor reviews, averaging on 42% at Rotten Tomatoes, with the general consensus being: "It seems that with this second chapter to the Slasher College Roadtrip, this will become another tedious, pointless, and dull horror franchise".

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