Slasher College Roadtrip III: Death Thrill is the 2000 sequel the 1999 horror film Slasher College Roadtrip II: Homecoming, and is the third in the Slasher College Roadtrip series. It is set at an amusement park, where the killer from the same two films kills attendants.


Amber Truscott and her friends (Casey, Leo, Paul, Jerry, Sarah, and her boyfriend Joel) all visit a local amusement park to ride the new attraction, Terror Train 3D. After purchasing tickets, Amber agrees to stay behind with Sarah, who is too scared to go on the ride. Casey and her boyfriend Leo decide to not go on the first run either, and stay with Amber and Sarah, Joel also agrees to stay behind. Paul and Jerry enter the ride with excitement, and as they climb on the audience catches a glimpse of the killer in the background. The ride starts, and the boys witness a few cheap thrills. As they enter the rollercoaster point of the ride, Jerry leans out and is suddenly sliced in half by a thin flat blade that flies foward. Paul screams in terror, and tries to move away from Jerry's body. He survives the rest of the ride, whereupon an automated voice thanks him. Standing to leave, the coach starts up again and he is driven forward, his skull impaled on a decorational spike. Convinced the ride must be good and that Jerri and Paul are riding it over and over again, Leo decides to go on the ride next, and leaves Casey and the others. After the line appears too big, he heads to the toliets. The killer then ambush him, and stabs him to death, probably after realising he did'nt go on the ride. He is the first to be physically killed by the killer, as the Terror Train was malfunctioned by the killer.

Back at the centre of the park, Amber, Sarah, and Casey decide to go looking for the others. Amber says they should go into a cheap haunted house, so the other two agree. While inside the killer ambushes Sarah, and smashes her face into one of the many mirrors, and then stabs her with a shard of glass. When Casey goes looking for her he kills her also, slicing her throat. Amber tries to find them, and after she hears Casey's dying screams she tries to run out of the haunted house. The killer ambushes her, whereupon she attacks him with a fire hydrant and beats him unconscious. As she leaves the haunted house she screams for help. The final scene shows her being admitted into a mental asylum.

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