Slasher College Roadtrip VI is the 2006 sequel to the 2004 horror film Slasher College Roadtrip V, and the sixth installment in the popular franchise. It is the first film to be directed by Michael Johannson (Zombocalypse, Zombocalypse X, Dirty Heartless Bitches), and marks the death of constant character Lisa. The film received mixed response from fans, who felt Johannson had taken a turn from MacNamara's original storyline. However Johannson did return to direct Slasher College Roadtrip VII and VIII, before handing the role back to MacNamara for 2009's prequel Slasher College Resurrection VIX: Resurrection.


After escaping the killer for the fourth time, Lisa is plagued by fear and haunted by the victims from the murders of her friends in Texas, the return of the killer at Massachussetts University and the incident at Blue Lake camp. After her parents Terry and Margaret try to condole her, they discover one night that Lisa has seemingly committed suicide; haunted to insanity by her experiences. At her funeral her parents mourn; and friend and FBI detective Vince Martin swears that he will find and kill Bullethead himself to avenge Lisa and the countless others. He farewells her parents and family shortly after the funeral and begins a large scale investigation on Bullethead.

Meanwhile the cemetery caretaker is doing his evening rounds one night when he notices a figure approaching Lisa's fresh grave, and beginning to dig it up. When he approaches and demands what the figure is doing, his throat is slit; although the figure is obscured. The figure slumps Lisa's body over his shoulders and leaves the cemetery, while the caretaker dies. The figure, who by now the audience assumes is Bullethead, takes Lisa's body to an abandoned shack nearby a lake; and begins to brutally dissect her body by removing her teeth and eyeballs as trophies for his final victory against her. With a grunted laugh he places them amongst his trophy shelf; which includes body parts of his previous victims; including the crushed head of Amber Truscott.

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