Slasher College Roadtrip is an American horror film franchise that consists of nine slasher films, three novels, and a comic. The franchise focuses on the serial killer Bullethead, who remains nameless until the fifth film and his murder spree. The character's back story is revealed in the ninth film, that he was born to another mass murderer and his fearful wife. Bullethead's mother was killed by his father, whereupon the killer's face was mutilated by his father's shaving blade when he was six. The caretaker that appears and is killed in the first film, Jack, is later revealed to be Bullethead's uncle, who he killed because he felt he had abandoned the killer's mother, his sister.

The original film was released in 1997, followed by seven sequels (Slasher College Roadtrip II: Homecoming in 1999, Slasher College Roadtrip III: Death Thrill in 2000, Slasher College IV: Blood Lake in 2002, Slasher College Roadtrip V in 2004, Slasher College Roadtrip VI in 2006, Slasher College Roadtrip VII in 2008, and the prequel Slasher College Roadtrip VIX: Resurrection in 2009. The first film was directed by Robert MacNamara, and he directed them up until the fifth film, whereupon he handed it to director Michael Johannson. Critics regarded Johannson for lambasting the series, and MacNamara returned to direct the prequel. The fifth, sixth and seventh films feature no subtitles, simply titled as "Slasher College Roadtrip V, VI, and VII".

Slasher College Anthology

In 2010 the entire series was released in one collector's volume



In the original film, Slasher College Roadtrip (1997), seven graduates from Massachussetts University (Ben, Jenni, Dan, Mike, Lisa, Chelsea, and Brett) are heading to Las Vegas to celebrate their graduation. While passing through Texas, the group's van breaks down and they seek refuge in an old shack run by the caretaker Jack. One by one they are murdered by the unnamed killer (Tim Ashley) until only recurring characters Lisa and Brett confront him and defeat him seemingly, escaping. 1999's sequel Slasher College Roadtrip II: Homecoming saw the killer portrayed again by Tim Ashley return to the university attended by the students from the original film and brutally kill students and staff until a final confrontation that results in Brett's sacrifice to defeat the killer. The third film, 2000's Slasher College Roadtrip III: Death Thrill introduced a new cast of young adults attending a new amusement park, where the killer has made his lair. After a series of brutal killings Amber Truscott manages to defeat the killer, though she is incarcerated in a mental asylum.

Slasher College IV: Blood Lake (2002) saw the return of Lisa, now a counsellor at a lake camp housing students from Massachusetts University on their spring break. When the killer returns again and begins a murder spree Lisa manages to defeat him again, only to be sent to a mental institute. 2004's Slasher College Roadtrip V would be the last film in the franchise directed by Rob MacNamara until 2009's prequel Slasher College Roadtrip IX: Resurrection; and saw the inclusion of both survivors of the previous incidents Lisa and Amber as they escape the mental asylum and are hunted by the killer, who is finally named as Bullethead. Although Amber does not survive Lisa pushes Bullethead off a cliff to his death. Slasher College Roadtrip VI, the first film directed by Michael Johannson, saw the suicide of recurring character Lisa and the return of Bullethead to supposedly her hometown. Family friend and FBI agent Vince Martin swears to her family that he will stop Bullethead and with the help of his daughter Miranda lures the killer into a trap after he murders Miranda's schoolmates at the prom, incarcerated by the FBI and escorted off. Slasher College Roadtrip VII opened off where its predecessor ended, with Bullethead being escorted under high security to an unnamed prison in the east. Shortly after his imprisonment however; he easily escapes after brutally slaying his captors and begins his hunt for Miranda, whom he grew an interest in. After finding her ironically now at Massachusetts University (where he previously visited in Slasher College Roadtrip II: Homecoming). After murdering several people; he finally captures Miranda and holds her hostage in a cabin he claimed from the groundskeeper, forcing her to call her father Vince and lure the FBI to the campus so Bullethead can exact his final slaughter. The FBI arrive en masse and go to where Bullethead had Miranda instruct, where he murders several of them before they fall back and Vince bravely tries to rescue his daughter. Bullethead swiftly murders him and drags off a hysterical Miranda. He takes her to the watchtower, the highest point of the campus, where the remaining FBI follow. As he is about to throw her off a well timed shot sends him falling to his death and Miranda manages to climb to safety.

Slasher College Roadtrip VIII begins with the coroner's truck taking what appears to be the corpse of Bullethead to their offices; with Miranda and the FBI looking onwards. At the coroner Bullethead's autopsy reveals some interesting facts; that he was almost fifty years old, and that his skull was reinforced with steel after some accident. The coroner compiles a report and sends the cadaver to the furnace, whereupon Bullethead surprisingly awakens, still chest open, and grabs a large incision tool from a shelve. He proceeds to slay two coroner staff before stitching up his chest and murdering the coroner. He leaves the coroner's and sights a loud party nearby at a house; proceeding to murder majority of its patrons before fleeing when the police arrive. As they question the survivors Bullethead traverses the Massachusetts wilderness and sheds his clothes stolen from the coroner's in place of a bear pelt. He soon after spots two men hunting and murders them both; stealing a shotgun and heading to the nearest town. He begins a large scale massacre which culminates in a confrontation with the FBI and police, where he is fatally shot. He is shown being once again taken in the ambulance, most likely presumed dead.

Slasher College Roadtrip IX: Resurrection (2009) served as a prequel to the series, and took place in the early 60s with Bullethead portrayed as a child. Shortly after his birth his father; also a serial killer, proceeds to bring his wife a large amount of money he supposedly acquired; although after he is seen cutting up human remains in his "shed". When Bullethead is around five or six his parents get into a violent argument and his father accidentally stabs his wife to death. When the child Bullethead begins to cry his father gets angry and erratic, and cuts his son's face with a shaving blade. A few hours later Bullethead's father is seen disposing of his victim's bodies in a backyard "grinder" when several police officers show up at the residence, investigating claims that Bullethead's father has been involved in the disappearance of several people. His father invites them in and when they see Bullethead's mutilated face and part of his mother's corpse his father slays them brutally with a large machete, before telling his son to go away. Bullethead's adolescence is plagued by his father's constant abuse and his disfigured face. While his father goes out to lure victims to his house Bullethead remains at home, shunned by society as his father warns. One day his father returns home badly wounded from a gunshot wound in the leg and demands his son supply him with help. When Bullethead daringly defies his father takes his Cult and begins to shot at his son, who flees into the lounge room. Bullethead calls the police before he is shot in the back of the head by his father; who bleeds out as the police arrive. The paramedics take Bullethead and swiftly operate on him in town, while the police let his father die, finally learning of his murders and abuse. After Bullethead's life is saved by steel plates inserted into his brain the police return him to his home where he grows angered by his father and stabs his corpse repeatedly; swearing at him and breaking down. Over the next few years the isolated Bullethead grows into a violent and angry character; much like his father; and murders anyone who transgresses on his home. The bodies build up and he begins to dispose of them using his father's old machine, though no police investigation is undergone. The final scene shows the end scene from Slasher College Roadtrip VII, where a present day Bullethead is lying supposedly dead in the ambulance after a violent battle with the authorities.


Rob MacNamara began working on low budget films in the early 90s, following and inspired by the works of Francesco de Liveri and Wes Craven. He aspired to create his first film, but it would take a few years before he had the money or means to. In 1995 he contacted longtime friend and producer Jon Stiles with a script for what he called "a typical slasher movie". Stiles was interested, and prompted it to his affiliated studios; who agreed to produce and market the suggested film.


Film Director Writer(s) Producer(s)
1. Slasher College Roadtrip (1997) Rob MacNamara Rob MacNamara & Jon Stiles Jon Stiles
2. Slasher College Roadtrip II: Homecoming (1999) Rob MacNamara Rob MacNamara & Jon Stiles Jon Stiles
3. Slasher College Roadtrip III: Death Thrill (2000) Rob MacNamara Jon Stiles, Aaron Rudd
4. Slasher College Roadtrip IV: Blood Lake (2002) Rob MacNamara Jones Stiles, Aaron Rudd
5. Slasher College Roadtrip V (2004) Rob MacNamara Rob MacNamara Jon Stiles, Aaron Rudd
6. Slasher College Roadtrip VI (2006) Michael Johannson Jon Stiles, Aaron Rudd
7. Slasher College Roadtrip VII (2007) Michael Johannson Jon Stiles, Aaron Rudd
8. Slasher College Roadtrip VIII (2008) Michael Johannson Aaron Rudd
9. Slasher College Roadtrip IX: Resurrection (2009) Rob MacNamara Rob MacNamara, Jon Stiles & Michael Johannson Aaron Rudd, Jon Stiles
10. Slasher College Roadtrip: Born In Blood (2011) Rob MacNamara Jon Stiles


Following the release of his latest film Red Hill in October 2010; Rob MacNamara confirmed his next project would be a tenth Slasher College Roadtrip film with Jon Stiles; a script entirely written by the two; whereas Resurrection had featured input from Michael Johannson. When Johannson was interviewed about his involvement in the series and his future with it he said: "I did three movies; I think that's enough. I did the movies because Rob didn't want to, he wanted me to get to a point where the story would become interesting again. Sure volumes six-eight are OK movies, but they're essentially filler. As to my return to the SCR lens, it is highly improbable as Rob is hoping to wrap up the series next year. Although I did contribute to some of Resurrection's scripts I feel this project should go full circle; being a wholly Rob and Jon project. Not to say I haven't had fun with it, but it is just its Rob's movies"

In an early 2010 interview with HorrorNet Jon Stiles said: "Right now, no Slasher College Roadtrip movies are in the works. That's not to say Rob and I are not going to make another movie, we will begin work on it later this year. Rob has two other project he's working on for 2010 releases; and then Slasher College Roadtrip will take priorty".

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