Slaughterhouse were an American goregrind/thrash metal duo consisting of Vinnie MacArthur (Witches of Townsend) and Christopher Nash (God Appendium, Bleed the Pain, formed in 2007. The band recorded demos in that year, and will release an album in late 2010, released posthumously after Vinnie MacArthur's May 14th murder. The album is titled Abyssal Butchery. The band will then disband, with Christopher Nash being the only remaining member.



Christopher Nash and Vinnie MacArthur had become friends since the late 80's when God Appendium and Townsend Sacrifice played several shows together, with God Appendium vocalist and guitarist Tommy Clatriano being a good friend of then Towsend Sacrifice guitarist Larry Jefferson. After his firing from God Appendium in 1995, Vinnie invited Christopher to join Townsend as a guitarist, but Christopher declined after he was hired briefly by grunge band Punchfaced.

In 2007 Christopher and Vinnie got together during September and began jamming together. What was initially a thrash metal band, they soon decided to incorporate elements of goregrind, being both fans of the genre and not wanting this new project to be the same as their other bands. They recorded demos in that December.

Abyssal ButcheryEdit

According to a January 2010 interview, Vinnie MacArthur confirmed that the band, Slaughterhouse, would release an album in that year. He mentioned that in between Tonwsend and Bleed the Pain tours he and Christopher Nash were recording in New York.

However speculation arose on the project's future when Vinnie was murdered on May 14th 2010 in his hometown of Blue Rock. At his funeral Christopher Nash promised to finish the album, acting as its producer, to honour Vinnie's wishes.


Slaughterhouse are stylistically different from the predominate thrash of both MacArthur and Nash's other bands, instead playing thrash-influenced goregrind. Unlike his trademark snarl, Vinnie MacArthur can be heard using a raspy growl like vocal technique akin to that of Napalm Death, while Christopher Nash's guitar is dissonant and down tuned. The drums are performed by a drum machine.


Former members

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