Slit Mouthed Woman is a 2012 Horror Slasher Movie starring Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Katrina Bowden, Addy Miller, Garrett Masuda, Mackenzie Foy, Ciara Bravo, Mason Cook, Chandler Riggs, Chelan Simmons, Ryan Merirman, Logan Lerman, Logan Henderson, Logan Browning, Bree Essrig, Steve Greene, Steven Yeun and Christine Chatelain.


To Be Announce...


Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Slit Mouthed Woman

Katrina Bowden as Amy

Addy Miller as Joan

Garrett Masuda as Alvin

Mackenzie Foy as Crystal

Ciara Bravo as Jess

Mason Cook as Logan

Chandler Riggs as Chang

Chelan Simmons as Bree

Ryan Merriman as Steve

Logan Lerman as Garrett

Logan Henderson as Norman

Logan Browning as Carly

Bree Essrig as Marnie

Steve Greene as Alex

Steven Yeun as George

Christine Chatelain as Blake


Amy, Joan, Bree, Marnie and George.


To Be Announce...

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